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05.12.2009 - 12:20 pm central


My comments box is missing. I don't know what happened to it. How annoying. I don't feel like figuring out what happened. ::Sigh::

SO.. the plan of leaving Dexter in his crate during the day has worked out great. He is a good boy afterall. He has never done anything bad in his crate. No more poo messes! No more yelling at this confused little guy who has no idea why I'm upset. He is living it up these days because I am on vacation (YAY!!!) and because he loves Mr. Philly. They have bonded, apparently.

The visit with him is going fine and we have a lot of fun things planned for this trip. I think we might spend tomorrow at the museum. I'm thinking we might have to go to my favorite German restaurant tonight. I think I will drive him through the historic district and check out some architecture before dinner.

Buzzfest was an experience. It was good seeing a bunch of great bands, but it was HOT as hell in there and I was on the worst day of my period so I spent way too much time in lines waiting to get a turn in the restroom. What a monumental hassle. I was wet all over from pouring water down my clothes and I wear these really tight little panties called Luvpats... they are like nylons almost - very thin and very clingy - and lemme tell ya... it is HARD to pull up wet luvpats. I did it like 40 times over the day. ha. The venue won't let you bring in anything, so Mr. Philly wore cargo pants and his pockets were full of tampoons, lipstick, gum, money, ya know... the essentials. He's a sport. He does not mind serving as a tampoon dispenser.

We had to park in Timbuktu and walk like indians on the trail of tears. It was a journey. My feet were hurting. We paid 26 bucks for a couple of hotdogs and 2 drinks.

But KoRn was fantastic as always. Papa Roach did spectacularly well too. Neither of us are major Papa Roach fans, but they were really good live. The whole set up with 2 stages sucked though. It was a serious hike back and forth between the 2 stages and stage 2 has no seating. A million sweaty people with questionable hygeine all crammed into this fairly small area... I wasn't a fan of the 2nd stage. Our seats were good and there was a good breeze going the whole time.

There was this one short, stumpy woman who apparently was laboring under the delusion that she is cute or something. She was wrong. She stood up and her wide, meaty back was right in front of my face. No one else was standing yet, but papa roach was next up and I guess that was who she came to see. She turned around and in her best minnie-mouse-on-crack voice she said "I'm gonna stand up, is that ok?" and well.. she asked... so I said "Not so much. I paid a lot of money to see the bands, not the back of you". She said that she paid good money for her tickets too and that somehow gave her the right to stand right in front of another paying customer I guess. So I said loudly that if she does not mind wearing her beer, she can stand in front of me, otherwise, she should get out of my way. She moved. I saw where she went, and when papa roach came out, a huge man stood up in front of her. Her face was about at his mid back. haha

That wacky Karma has such a sense of humor.

Of course everyone stood up eventually, but that was not the point. She asked me if it was ok for her to stand right in my face and block my view. What kind of idiot would even ask a question like that? No, it's not ok, genius. Not ok at all.

The hard drive on my desk top died, but fortunately, Mr. Philly is a computer guy. My own personal geek squad, even. We have to fix it. We were thinking of ordering the new hard drive, but I don't think I want to wait for shipping and all that. I think we might have to just go shell out at Best Buy to get it going faster.

OK.. we gots things to do. I have to get ready.

Later gators!

PS: Apparently, Andrew got tired of people having free comments, or the comments box I used to use became obsolete or something so if you have a comment, please leave it in my notes till I figure out what happened with the comment box.

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