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2009-05-25 - 10:08 a.m.

Comments are back! Yay!

Last time I updated, we had just gone to Buzzfest. Now I am spending the Memorial Day weekend with my family (buncha birdholes) and Mr. Philly is still with me. My whole family knows him cause you know... we all go way back. We will be leaving this afternoon sometime. Just early enough for me to get a decent amount of sleep before work tomorrow.

My family has been dealt a bad piece of news. My dad has been diagnosed with lymphoma, which is a cancer of the lymphatic system. I have studied enough on this to become a lymphoma doctor since hearing that this was a possibility, and I even managed to diagnose correctly the exact type of lymphoma he has. Fortunately, it's the one that is slow moving and many people who have it die of old age or some other illness before the lymphoma gets them. It's not an aggressive cancer - thank God. We're pretty fond of the dadness around here. Still, you don't want to think of your loved one having to go through the fear of waiting, diagnosis, treatment, etc. Dad has always taken good care of himself and he is strong and healthy. I knew something was wrong with his immune system. He had too many colds over the winter. AAAAAAnyways.. I believe he will be ok and will live many more years, but it still sucks to get some bad news like this. It could have been so much worse though. I won't even give voice to all the forms of cancer and other horrors that would have been so much worse.

So there's that. It is first and foremost in my mind. Dad.

There is a famous cancer hospital in Houston, so the plan is for Dad to come there for treatment and this will provide the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my folks. My folks seem in good spirits. We all expect him to be ok.

We're going to go hang with them for awhile today and then hit the happy trail again for another 5 hour journey home.

This morning I woke up with a charlie horse in each leg. PAINFUL!!! I've been getting them lately. Mr. Philly says it's because I eat ice all the time and it's robbing me of potassium. Everyone gets all hinky if I eat bananas just because they give me mental status changes. I think it's ok to be all hopped up on the nanners in the interest of better potassium levels. The people around me will try to get me drunk on booze, (why do people think I'm funny when I'm drunk?) but they try to keep me from eating bananas.

I'm hungry. Wonder if Myramains has any nanners here...

I must go forage. Later gators...

PS: If you know horror stories about lymphoma or horrible cancer treatment stories, please don't tell me. If you know great stuff, miracles, long term survivors, etc... feel free to blurt forth. :-)

We're trying to stay positive. Most people are encouraging and positive, but there are always those people who know someone that died of a toothache or some such.

Prayers would be very much appreciated. You'll be praying for a man who has always been the very best father you could ever imagine and who my sister and I could always count on to do the right thing, to protect us, and to make us laugh. He's a very good and dear person and he deserves a long healthy life.

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