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6/9/09 - 12:40 pm

Today I have a good news report on my dad and some random bitching about my boss. Yes, gratitude can exist in the same heart as the kavetching.

First: The Dad. I am happy to report that he has one chemo treatment down and 2 to go. He did not have any of the bad side effects that one would associate with chemo. We assume his hair will fall out, but we're not sweating it, considering the big picture. He did not throw up once. He has been eating well and he is busy at his hobbies and spamming us relentlessly. He likes to forward jokes. Awhile back, my sister and I were discussing the fact that we feel compelled to read the spam and we would both be very sad if our mail boxes were not overflowing with the storm of spam mails we get from him. Ironic... We had that conversation before there was any hint of illness. We're so happy and relieved that things are going well.

For the ranty side of things, I submit the following: Yesterday, I needed to leave work early to take Mr. Philly to the airport. I had impulsively asked on Friday if I could be off work on Monday to spend time with him before the send off and the boss passive-aggressively refused to answer. So I came to work like a good little employee, but I had to leave early, so I sent the bosshole an email to let him know. I am a 15 year hospital department head and should not be given any crap whatsoever about leaving early once in awhile. But I work for a jackass so here's how he handled it in all his wisdom: He made me fill out a paid time off request form and turn it in to him for his signature so they can deduct the couple of hours off my vacation time!!!!!!!!!!! Is it me, or am I working for a hamskull? Factor this into the equation: This is the same dude who leaves at 1 pm regularly to go golfing. I seriously doubt he's paying for his recreational outings with his vacation time.

How's that for ridonkulous???

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