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6/11/09 - 10:15 am

Holy crap I'm tired today. I put Mr. Philly on a plane Monday and received my sister as a guest on Tuesday. I already used up my favors for the foreseeable future AND I work for a bosshole so there's no such thing as mercy or taking a personal day. I can only spend time with my sister after work till bedtime. Of course I am pushing bedtime later in order to visit with my sis.

Yesterday we had tickets to see the fabulous and incomparable Richard Cheese at the house of blues! His show was hilarious and great. We had a fantastic time. The tickets said 7 pm, but he didn't take the stage until 9 pm. After his performance he came out and mingled with the people, signing autographs and stuff. %%myramains-diary%% and myself each got a hug from the big cheese. We met the band and everything. It was so much fun but I didn't get to bed until 1:30 am and I have to get up at 6. No fun. Notta fingah.

It was worth it though.

Tonight we are going to my favorite german restaurant. Myra has been there once before with me. We lived in Germany when we were growing up and we always love a good german place. The owner should give me a free dinner or my own table over there. I drag in everyone I can get to come visit me.

I am actually updating my blog on a fairly regular basis these days. Check me out! But what the heck is up with our comments?? My comments taker thingy is in my template, but it doesn't show on my page! I miss my comments!

Ok - back to the old grindstone before the bosshole makes me use vacation time for blogging at work.

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