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06/15/09 - 2:10 pm

Last Thursday I was called into a surprise meeting of the "employee activity committee". I was not given a choice about whether or not I would be on this bogus time-waster of a committee. My company is more about drafting people than asking for volunteers. So there I was, at the meeting. The craysee bish in charge wrote me down as a volunteer to wash cars from 11 to 12 the very next day. I did not volunteer for this and my comment was "Have you seen my car?? Do I seem like someone who ever washes a car??" She said that we all have to do this and then jotted herself in for a half hour of car washing from 7;30 to 8 am - when absolutely no one would be getting their car washed.

She also needed "volunteers" for a couple other things and she decided that I should not only give an hour of my life to wash cars in this Africa heat, but I could also pay to have my car washed and contribute 4 items to a stupid raffle they are having. She wrote me down for all this shizz with me in protest. The CEO was there to enforce the spirit of giving. All in all, we were forced to comply. This "fund raiser" was to raise money for employee functions, but I have ZERO interest in that because our company was given 3,000 dollars from corporate to have a company christmas party and our CEO decided we don't need a party. So I don't want to raise any money or be involved in any of this.

So the more I thought about all this, the madder I got. I decided to call in sick and miss the whole ridiculous affair. I had my monthly curse and that is enough of an excuse in my long-suffering opinion.

So today I get back to work and the volunteer gestapo informed me that she paid for my 4 items that I was going to contribute against my will and she is going to give me the receipt so I can pay her back. I really don't think I should pay her back. She did that to be a shit, because she was mad that her forced volunteerism didn't work. But it might be more strategic for me to play along.

The next time she tries to railroad me into something like this I am just going to refuse. They will have to fire me. I am not doing anything that requires me to be outside for an hour in 95 degree heat and high humidity. I've just about had it.

Today the AC is not working in my office. I am going to go out in the lobby where it's cool. This hot room is not for me. I went out to lunch and I leave for the day in an hour and a half, thank goodness.

I'm going to leave this job one of these days. And they are going to be sad.

Here is a funny thing for you: there is a very entertaining website called fmylife.com. It is just a bunch of postings of crappy things that happen to people. Its good for a few good laughs a day. Today I was laughing at this one:

"Today I saw a homeless guy on a bench in the park. I thought it would be funny to throw a small rock at him. He thought it would be funny to pull out his knife and chase me for 6 blocks. FML."

Hahaha. The FML stands for "fuck my life". Some of them are obviously fake, but a lot of them are hilarious. Check it out!

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