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06/23/09 - 12:15 pm

John and Kate, Plus Hate.

Somehow, I'm not surprised at all that this love fest is ending. I have long felt sorry for John because, well, he had to endure Kate. She treats him like the 9th child and scolds him relentlessly on camera while he stares balefully, looking like he's just waiting for the sweet release of death.

I happened upon their show accidentally one time and was quickly overwhelmed by the heavy feeling of depression that coated me after watching these two impossibly exhausted no-thrill-having parental nubs try to wrangle 8 loud little fartknockers who are perpetually crying. At least one of them is having a tantrum at any given moment. If I had 8 kids, I'd be so depressed I would want to run away from my life. If I had a disapproving spouse that critisized my every move on top of the 8 screaming life-suckers, I'd go on a rampage.

I think their kids are adorable by the way. They are very cute, but they scream all day and they never stop neeeeeeeding. Just serving dessert to this mob is a time intensive project. So depressing.

And you know romance is long dead in that house. Poor John looks like he doesn't remember happiness. I'm sure kate isn't all to blame, but John seems to take the most hell. He seems the most beat down. He actually said he was "excited" about the separation. I'll just bet he is. He can taste sweet freedom!

I was never able to endure a whole episode at once, because the sight of all those kids makes me itch.

Parents of multiples have a higher divorce rate than couples who have their kids one at a time. The overload of work and underload of time for anything else sort of kills it I guess.

I'm a little antsy just writing about this.

Subject change: The AC in my office is off. It broke and the repair guys won't fix it because apparently my profit raking hospital doesn't pay its bills. I'm pissed.

Our internet is down.

I cannot get into our hospital software or the coding software, which means I can't accomplish anything by being here in this 100 degree heat. I am so close to quitting, I can't even tell you. The bosshole actually showed anger when I asked about the status of the repair earlier today! He snapped that we're working on it. I wanted to say "shut it, bitch. Don't you dare give me attitude after I have spent all last week and this one sweating in the 9th circle of hell! We all know if it was YOUR office that felt like this, it would have been fixed on day 1."

I've just about had it.

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