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2009-06-27 - 12:36 p.m.

I am actually posting an update from my home computer instead of my crackberry.

I am sooooo happy it's the weekend. I've grown very weary of going to my job everyday where I have been allotted enough work to keep 3 full time people absolutely busy on a full time basis. They don't give me 3 paychecks for that. No, just the one. This is the cross I've had to bear in every specialty hospital I've ever worked in. They want to skimp on the payroll by keeping us understaffed, but they expect us to keep every single thing done and up to inspection readiness. It is not possible for me to do everything that is in my department to be done, so when we get inspected, my department will fall short. I've explained this to the bosshole, while I was begging him to hire a clerk, at least a part time clerk for the love-o-God. But he does not care at all about survey compliance or success for my department. His plan is to keep me way understaffed so he can continue to get big bonus checks for running our hospital on a shoestring budget. "How DOES he do it?? What a financial WIZARD!! Let's reward him some more..." If we get in trouble down the road, he can say I am incompetent and that he thought I had it under control. I know that's his plan as well as I know my own name. That is why I am looking for another job. I would like to have just one job for one paycheck and not have the weight of the world on my shoulders for a change. I'm happy I have a paycheck, but I am ready for a job that is more do-able. It will be nice to work a job where it is physically possible to complete my workload. I don't like being put in a position where I cannot succeed.

I spoke with one of the corporate guys that has been singling me out for high praise on the conference calls. He has kind of embarrassed me a few times by talking about what a great job I do with my financial magic. We get paid based on a pretty complex formula that is basically a flat rate, multiplied by a "relative weight". My efforts have raised our relative weight by about 50%. Which means as long as that rate stays high like that, we'll continue to make about twice as much profit as they made before I started working there. Three of the corporate big wigs have come to meet me and have praised my work on conference calls AND have tried to get me to come help out with the other hospitals in our system of facilities. SO... I called one of them and pitched an offer to work for the corporate office instead of the hospital I am in and he is all over it. He wants to make it happen. The downside is that I would be traveling 75% of the time. I'd be ok with 50%. It seems a bit much to travel 75% of the time though. I have a dog and I don't want to kennel him for 75% of his life. I still might be willing to do it, at least for a while. I am planning to talk to the corporate guy about a few options. If they would pay to fly my dog with me, for example, I would be happy to do it. If I can be off work entirely 1 week out of 4... I'd do that. There are ways to negotiate it. We shall see.

In my last entry I complained about my office AC being broken. WELLLLLL lemme tell ya how THAT mess turned out. The AC remained broken for 2 whole weeks. My office was damn near 100 degrees for 2 whole weeks. The first day I walked in and felt the heat, I reported it. They fiddle-farted around for a week, not getting it fixed, because the powers that be, in their infinite wisdom, did not pay the AC company in so long, they got cut off. No more service until payment is made. So... they dragged ass around for a full week before paying the bill. It practically takes an act of congress to get a check cut from corporate. After the bill was paid, the AC repair guys still refused to come out. There was some sort of discrepancy. I don't know exactly what happened, but it took another full week to get them to come out. I developed a sick headache, because that is what happens to me in the heat. So this past Tuesday afternoon I hit critical mass and left early. I did not come in to work on Wednesday or Thursday. They did not have me there for the team meeting that takes up half of every Wednesday. They did not have me there for the conference call that none of those bozos seem equipped to handle without me to do the thinking for them. I decided to go in on Friday and just avoid my hot office. I asked the bosshole to buy a window unit for my office before I go postal and shoot everyone. He said the fix-it guys were coming out that very day to fix it. He really really REALLY meant it this time. They showed up, fixed it in just a few minutes, during lunch. It kind of pisses me off that I suffered for 2 weeks when it was such a simple fix. It angered my chi to know that it was not until I stopped coming to work that they really got something done. It was cooling off nicely in my office by the time I was leaving for the day. It was nice to have a couple days off, work 1 day, and be off for the weekend. I wish I could work 4 days a week instead of 5.

Nuff about work...

Dad report: The Dadness came to Houston for his 2nd round of highly toxic medication. The first time he got it, he had no nausea, no illness, no major loss of energy. He did very well and his tumor went away!! Gone!! This 2nd round, he barfed. He was, as he called it, "explosively barfing". Sounds like a party. Fortunately, he was ok after that night and I saw him the very next day. He was a little pale, looked tired, and I suspect he felt worse than he admitted. But he is fine now. He was given a shot to perk him up and raise his blood count. He says he feels fine and he only has one more treatment like that to go. We can handle this. I'm thinking he might be sicker next time around and his blood count will be very low. He might be pretty weakened after that one. But he will bounce back. I hope that once he finishes all 3 rounds they will decide there is no need to do the radiation part. I'm rather dreading that whole thing. Even if he has to have that though, his treatment will be only 3 or 4 more weeks. Then he should be utterly cancer free and he can regain his strength. Things are going pretty well and this has taken a lot of the fear of the unknown out of cancer treatment for me. Here's the way my dad is: He said to my mom that he is just glad that if someone in the family had to have it, it was him rather than her or any of the kids or grand-kids. He means that, too.

I think he will be ok. I'm afraid about the future, because that disease tends to come back. I hope it never comes back, obviously.

I see that my comments are back. I have no idea what happens with the comment box. Hurry and leave your comments before it all disappears again!!

Later gators!

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