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06/29/09 - High Noon

HARK! Is that a bellowing bosshole I hear yonder?

Eh... Yeah. It definately was. I know I've probably never expressed a negative thought about my highly esteemed bosshole, (hardy har), but he is tap dancing on my last nerve this week. It is only Monday. ::sigh::

We have a doc wanting to send home a patient who is not really appropriate for this level of care. The patient needs to go and if we keep him, we will likely be denied payment. Bosshole wants me to scour his chart looking for a reason to retain him. He instructed me to call the corporate dude and see if he has any ideas. Corporate dude is on an airplane with his phone turned off. Nothing can be done about the patient to prevent him being released home. So, having done everything that could be done, I moved on to other pressing matters. Like breakfast. I was about to fall over from lack of blood glucose, so I took the 8 minute round trip 2 blocks down the street to a fast food place for an egg croissant and a coffee. I was gone from my office for all of 8 minutes. Not 9, not 8.5, 8 minutes. When I got back in, the bosshole is yelling my name like he thinks he's Mister Spacely. He grilled me about where I had been. I told him I had spent 8 minutes out of my office picking up breakfast 2 blocks down the street.

He then informs me that I need permission for that.

I need permission to leave my office for 8 minutes.

This means I will have to walk down to his office, wait for him to see me, and obtain his blessing. This means that the 8 minute breakfast run will now take 2 or 3 times as long. What a great leader.

He also chewed my ass for not being able to rearrange that patient's codes and make him magically fit the criteria for being here. He was just livid that I had not been able to contact corporate guy. Um.. Last time I checked... I was completely powerless in making corporate guy answer his phone. Yes, bosshole is mad at ME because corporate guy's phone is off. I guess I will just have to try harder next time.

Have I mentioned that I have been a hospital department head for 15 years?

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