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2009-07-06 - 1:10 p.m.

I don't like my new phone. There, I said it. I have 30 days to change my mind and I do believe I have already changed it. I miss my crack berry. I dunno. This phone has some nice features, but I dislike the way the email is set up and it won't pull up some of my favorite websites. That blows, because I don't like my little routine messed up. I like to laugh at other people's screw-ups on fmylife.com and I can't get there on this phone. I also noticed that when I write an entry on this phone, it shows up on the blog as a continuous paragraph. Annoying! On the bosshole front, I am doing a phone interview tomorrow for a big shiny rehab. This makes me happy to think of the possibilities. Rehab is my specialty and this new place has e-records, which is something I need to learn about. Each place I work is a learning experience and prepares me for something bigger and better. I have been thinking about my letter of resignation. It is going to be a manifesto of what all is wrong with the bosshole's management style. There's plenty to say, lemme tell ya. I plan to cc that sucker to every corporate big-wig, especially the 3 that have gone out of their way to praise my work. They might realize something is rotten in Denmark once I clue them in about what kind of a fox they've got guarding their henhouse. He isn't interested in keeping a good crew around here. He would rather heap crap and pressure on us until we leave in disgust or just give up due to his impossible expectations. He keeps us way understaffed and then pressures us to stay late and take work home so he will get a big bonus check for keeping us under budget. In this case, it's back-firing big time. Cause I make them money. They're going to be very unhappy when I leave because Mr. Greedy wanted a bigger bonus. I have been very productive today, despite it all. And it's about time for me to get back to it. Later gators. :)

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