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2009-07-09 - 8:59 a.m.

Oh geez. I am so tired today. I need a nap in the worst way. I get progressively more tired as the week drags on and by Friday I can't even stay up late. When I got to work today, the bosshole's car was not here. The exciting thought of no bosshole for the day was short-lived, as someone kindly informed me that he will be in a little later. ::sigh:: I do have some good news on the job front. I had an interview with that spiffy rehab chain and it went astoundingly well. That is definitely going to result in a job offer. They need me so bad! It was more like I was interviiewing them than the other way around. I had a bunch of questions for them, because I wanted to try to assess how well they are handling the rather complicated payment system and where they stand in regards to a new kind of audit that hospitals are going through right now. Turns out, they are missing the boat. I could tell that they don't currently have a comprehensive approach and they realize they aren't quite killing it. They need an expert to optimize everything. Hello! That's what I are! Other good news.... I have another thing in the works. Some of the big wigs from my company want to send me to our sister hospital in another state and this time, they aren't going to ask the bosshole. They are going to tell him how it's gonna be. And they want to deploy me out to our other hospitals and sort of head up the coding, corporate wide. If I do that, it will make me a colleague to the bosshole rather than a victim of him - I mean employee. Yeah, that's it. He would not be able to micro manage me anymore and all that crap about "gotta have permission to leave my office for 8 minutes" is a thing of the past. And that's funny. Bosshole is sho gonna hate it. While I was writing this, corporate dude, who is trying to steal me away from this job and make me a corporate employee, called to ask me to complete some forms for travel on the company dime. Looks like I am going to New Mexico next week. We're going to line up my travel and then bosshole's boss is going to inform bosshole of my schedule for next week. This is very entertaining for me. This is another one of those times in life where I actually get to see someone get what they deserve! I love it when that happens! Bosshole has really been ridiculous. He has been a time nazi, he makes even executive dept heads account for every damn minute, and he never acknowledges a job well done. He tries to keep us humble and grateful that we have a paycheck. His management style is intimidation and high pressure. That is a big FAIL as far as I'm concerned. I don't respond well to that crap. I've got to go update my spreadsheet before the conference call!! Later gators!

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