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2009-07-12 - 1:30 p.m.

Ahhh I loves me a weekend. Every Sunday I wonder where my weekend went so fast. I think maybe I have a nomadic work personality. Every workplace has a jerk lousing things up... like there is always one of the following personality types at work: there's the Jealous Gossip who lives to disrupt other people's peace... or similarly, the Crazy Beyotch that is bitter because your salary is more than hers so she tries to bring you down... or the New-comer to the organization who does not understand the pecking order and so they get the insane notion that they can direct your path or run your department... and then there's The Bosshole. The over-bearing, micro-managing bosshole. I think that it takes a while for one of these miscreants to start manifesting their pathology in all it's annoying fullness, so when I take a new position, I feel happy and excited to go to work each day. As long as I am learning new things and mastering new skills and no one is messing with me too overtly I am a happy employee. But after awhile... I start to chafe under the ridiculousness of one of these ever present assclowns that stink up the work environment. I can pretty much ignore people's personality disorders until they start to affect my every day life. Since I do not suffer fools gladly, I have a bit of a struggle dealing with a complete nipple-head for an extended period of time. I am a problem-solver by nature and if I am in a position where I cannot simply get rid of the offender... send them off to play in traffic or what have you... then eventually we gets us a problem.

It is time for me to move on, because the Bosshole has caused me to dread going to work each day. I am a natural liker of work so it bothers me when I feel dread at going to the office. If Yoinkydoink would get out of my hair and let me do my job unhindered, I would get a lot more accomplished. I have my own self-imposed standard of excellence to meet and I do a better job of motivating myself than he can ever do with pressure and intimidation. What he has accomplished is making me uncomfortable with the position and causing me to start looking around for a different job.

There is something fun on the near horizon and I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I mentioned it in yesterday's entry. I am being sent to New Mexico to do some work for one of our sister hospitals. Corporate has tried to borrow me several times in the past and Bosshole always blocks it. I had the opportunity to go to Vegas and he blocked it! This time, Bosshole gets no choice. We're doing it and there's nothing he can say about it. Oh to be a fly on the wall when they inform him that I am going and he is unable to stop it! One of the really joyous things about it is that I will be gone on Thursday which is my most dreaded day because each Thursday, I have to meet with Bosshole and give him a bunch of bogus reports that he insists upon but that are completely inconsequential and unimportant. If there is any possible aspect on any of these reports that he can bitch about, he goes all Mr. Spacely on my ass. It can be 99.3% success and one tiny thing I was unable to resolve due to some unforeseen thing and he will just go apeshit on me. That Thursday meeting is his way of keeping his thumb on the back of my neck. I'm not the lone ranger there though. Each department head has to have a weekly meeting with him for that same purpose. That there is some fine ass leadership.

So this next week, I just have to put up with Bosshole for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I may actually have to go there for Wednesday too. I need to talk to corporate guy and find out for sure. I have to kennel my little canine sidekick for a couple days.

As it turns out, the facility in New Mexico needs a new ME and I could possibly transfer there if I wanted to. The reason I am being sent there is because the medical records person resigned. I have to see the area before I even consider a transfer. I grew up in Colorado and loved it there so the thought of being one state south of there is pretty exciting. On the other hand, my dad has cancer and I am afraid to go off someplace where I wouldn't see my family as much as I do now. Decisions, decisions.

My dad is doing well by the way. He is coming to town tomorrow for his last treatment and we kind of think it might be rough on him, because the last one he had made him a little sick. It only lasted a night though. Hopefully it won't be any worse or even as bad as that this time around. After this treatment, his blood count will be really low and he will probably be a dishrag for a few days, but then he will start to build back up. I'll be glad when it is all over and he is well and back to his usual strength.

Radical change of topic: I'm still hatin on that new phone. I need to go today and return that thing. I really miss my crackberry. Fortunately, I didn't wipe all the data out of my crackberry, so nothing will be lost when I get it reinstated. I feel a little embarrassed to take the phone back, because I'm not one of those people who buys a bunch of stuff and takes it back later, but I just really hate the phone so I have to turn it back in. The salesman said it would surf the net faster than my crackberry. LIES. ALL LIES. This thing locks up, drags, doesn't go to some of my websites, and I hate the way you have to scroll scroll scroll to see anything. That's it. I'm taking it back today.

Got myself all riled up.

Have a good one, my peoples.

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