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2009-07-19 - 6:25 p.m.

I went to New Mexico and had a swell time. I was able to assess the sitchyation and help the crew at that facility make a plan for keeping things going financially while they look for a new medical records person. Much more than that was discussed of course and I had a lot of meetings with corporate dudes who want to make me a corporate employee and have me head up a centralized coding operation for our whole system. This could be a very good thing for me. We talked about electronic records making it possible for me to tap in and view records at all of our facilities all over the country. This would make it possible for me to live anywhere I want and still code for all of our locations. I would go in each day and view the accounts and only zero in on the ones that do not have optimized payment categories. I could travel to the various hospitals to train people and basically keep things on track. This will be more money for me, because I won't do it unless it is... And the cherry on this cake of goodness is that I will not be an employee of the Bosshole's anymore. He will have no choice in the matter. His input is not needed here. Corporate is already talking about requiring him to hire a clerk for my department and a case manager to take some stuff off my workload to make room for me helping the New Mexico location. Muahahahaha!!

There are things about it that are a little nerve wracking. For example, I could end up traveling way too much. It was kind of exhausting, going through the flying, working, and dinner meetings. We talked business all day and evening until nearly bedtime. When I finally got home Friday evening, after 2 delayed flights, it was almost 8 pm and I felt like I'd been dragged through a knot-hole backwards. I was so tired. I don't want to travel as much as they would like me too. On the brighter side, they seem to really love the idea of making it electronic so I can do more work for more facilities from a remote location. That is the way I want it... occasional trips in person, but most of my work being done by electronic records, phone, fax, and email. I plan to show them the glory of this plan in the upcoming days. I am now responsible for setting up their accounts and keeping their coding going from my office here. I think it can work just fine. I plan to move myself into some kind of remote coding position in the next few years anyway. If it doesn't work out at this company, I'll find another one.

Traveling for work is kind of fun. I get to see things and do things on the boss's dime and that's always good. It was very nice escaping hell for a few days and feeling a dry climate. In the mornings in Houston, I walk out the door in the morning at 6:30 am and feel oppressive heat and humidity. It's just awful in the summer time. In New Mexico, I walked out at 8 am and the temperature was exactly the same outdoors as it was inside. Blissfully comfortable. It did get hot during the day, but nothing compared to Houston. Plus, it cools off at night there. It does not cool off at night here. I love an arid climate, but I felt very dry the whole time. I constantly needed a drink of water and my airway felt dry. My skin felt dry, too. I would acclimate of course, but I would go through a lot of lotion. I grew up in Colorado, so I do remember the dryness. I had a pretty good time overall and it was nice to be around people who appreciate me. The big wig corporate guy said these words to me "You are THE BEST we have. Your coding shows it and the financial results show it. We NEED you throughout our company, bringing your expertise to these other locations." That felt good to hear. Especially after the morning I had.

Bosshole does not appreciate a damn thing I do and makes it a policy to never mention a job well done. He actually threatened to fire me the very morning corporate dude gushed forth with all that high praise! He was angry because I missed his morning meeting. That meeting is just something he likes to do to make sure everyone is in place under his thumb by 8:15 am each day. We don't really do anything of importance in there. I missed it because they had changed my travel date to a day earlier and I had to have all my stuff ready for my flight to take place during the workday instead of the following morning as had previously been planned. I was not going to be able to go home before my flight. So I was a little late. File it under "shit happens". Of course, Bosshole loves him a reason to go all Mr. Spacely on me so he did a lot of ranting and raving and threatening. He said if I EVER do a thing like that again... missing the 8:15 meeting - god forbid - he would fire me.

I got news for that assclown. It's a virtual certainty I will be missing his morning meeting in the future. Matter-o-fact, it's looking rather like I might get to miss it every day once I am a corporate employee. I hope they can push that through soon.

It is possible I will hate working for them, or there could be an even worse Bosshole up the food chain... but this is the risk I take. If I hate it, I'll find a new job. It's well worth the risk, says I. Just the joy of knowing that corporate likes me so much that they ARE TAKING ME from bosshole's control and making me one of THEM makes it all worthwhile. Bosshole is going to have to face the fact that I am good at what I do, that he under appreciated me when he had me, and that he can no longer tell me what to do and in fact, will have to treat me with professional respect instead of like some kind of entry level flunkie. That is sweet. I love it.

I learned a few eye opening things while I was there too. That other facility of ours usually only carries 14 or 15 patients at one time. I handle about twice that volume at my Houston facility and Bosshole gives me 24 hours after discharge to do the finalized coding. I observed that the lady who has been coding at the other facility has had 7 working days after discharge to finish her coding. And she has half my number of cases to do. Hmmmm. Interesting. Bosshole has set extremely stringent deadlines for me for everything. The other facilities have normal deadlines. And guess what? I never miss my deadlines. And guess what else? I am still treated like I don't quite measure up, somehow. I'm so unacceptable that I am almost fireable and in fact, I should be darn happy I still get a paycheck.

It just doesn't add up. Corporate thinks I am great at what I do.. they like me... they find no faults here.. they thanked me profusely for being willing to take on the role of helping out at the other facility.. while Bosshole just barely lets me stick around with my unacceptable self. One of these days I am going to tell him that his lousy management style brought this whole thing on. He's going to hate the new set up. And I'm going to smile every day because of that.

I also noticed the medical records lady there takes a lot of shortcuts that I don't take. She does it because she has no help so she cuts all the corners she possibly can. I decided to start doing that as well. I'm going to cut out several time consuming steps so that my work will be finished faster. I am anxious to get on that.

Now it will be interesting to see how Bosshole acts when I get back to work. Corporate dude, and super duper corporate dude are each planning to make Bosshole get off my back so I can provide them with this extra help they need right now. I told them in no uncertain terms that if they do not stop Bosshole, he will put impossible demands on me and will try to make me finish everything I had to do before even though I am spending a lot of time helping them. A lot of my "work" is stupid, made up, bullshit that bosshole thought up for me to do. It has little to do with the work I should be doing. He wastes my time and then chews my ass for not being done with my real work. The corporate guys are supposedly going to end some of that shit for me.

On the home front:

My folks stayed at my place and babysat my little doggy sidekick. I was glad they were willing to do that. It was like a little vacation for them and they said it was very enjoyable. I have a giant screen Sony and a very comfy bed. They were able to just rest and hang out. They like my puppy a lot and it is probably less stressful for them to watch him here than it would be to watch him at their house where he might do something bad. haha. He is a good boy and he is totally potty trained. He goes to bed in his crate and does what he is supposed to do for the most part. He is rather bitey and very playful. They were trying to teach him not to bite fingers when he plays. My mother had him stopping when she puts her finger up and says no. She taps him on the nose and says NO very sternly and he stops. He gets very happy when his grandparents come to visit.

My dad is doing well. He did not get sick on this final round of toxic treatment. He will be tired and lethargic for a few days but then he gets to relax for a while before radiation starts. He will have a few weeks of that and then he *should* be cancer free. He seemed to respond very well to the treatment. We do expect him to have a clean bill of health. Prayers would be appreciated. We are grateful for his good health and everything looks pretty good at this point.

I hate to see my restful Sunday slipping away...I have been sort of laying low, taking it easy, and getting ready for another fantabulous week of fulfilling employment. Woohoo.

Have a good one, Gentle Reader.


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