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2009-07-30 - 2:26 p.m.

I think the Bosshole is having some sort of meltdown, seriously. His anger problem is getting more and more out of hand and now he is forgetting things. Today he got 2 patient cases confused and confronted me with a totally delusional scenario, based on his own confused version of the facts. It took some talking on my part, but I was able to jog his failing memory and make him realize his mistake. Yesterday he had a bizarre cussing fit in a meeting, and the other day he threatened to take disciplinary action against the next clerk who makes a mistake on the floor census. He had a fit on one of our doctors and that doctor says he is going to report Bosshole to corporate. Things are definitely getting exacerbated. The mental breakdown must be contagious, because our lunch ladies who usually do a fine job, lost they minds and didn't serve lunch. I waited around till I had to go to my weekly ass chewing meeting, and after that, it was almost 2 pm and no lunch was out. Still. So I am out for a late lunch right now. Watch me get yelled at for being out of my office. Bosshole said "good work" to me today which further convinces me that he's losing it. He normally makes it a policy to never recognize a job well done. The rubber room can't be far away for him.

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