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2009-08-08 - 12:19 p.m.

Things are a-happ'nin.

My situation changes radically almost by the day. I am settled on my new plan though and it is a done deal, pretty much. Allow me to regale you with the gritty details.

History: I work for a nasty tyrant who enjoys screaming and cussing at the professional people who make his hospital a success. I have become weary of his bullshit so I have been looking for a different plan. The guys from our own corporate office think I'm great and want to steal me from Bosshole and make me a corporate employee, but they have to get that passed through and everything takes forever in the land of corporate red tape. In the mean time, they are sending me to other facilities and I am doing my magic for 2 of our hospitals now. In return, the Bosshole has been told to ease up on me. This is nice, but I still have to watch this idiot have crazy fits and put the hammer down on my co-workers. I also still feel his negative vibe. He is pissed that he can't cut loose on me anymore. And that's funny!

Into the mix, we add the juicy opportunity to work for a large progressive rehab. I've been in talks with them for a long time and the last I heard, it would be late fall before they could add me to their team.

So as of last week, my big plan was to remain where I am at, go to the other facilities to help out when corporate wants me to, and covertly plan to transfer to a corporate position as soon as they get it worked out. The joy of this would be that once I was a corporate employee, Bosshole would have to have me under his roof but I would not be his employee so he would not be able to micro-manage me or treat me badly. I was looking forward to that. It would be the equivalent of tying a vicious dog to a tree with a fluffy bunny hopping around and nibbling grass just outside the reach of his chain. I was truly looking forward to taunting that particular dog.

Ah, but this is not to be... for I have been called by the shiny new rehab and they are ready to proceed with me. The CEO asked to meet with me and I called in sick for Friday so I could go for a formal interview. The interview went great, it went long, they toured me around the place and it is beyond swanky. It is a large, 3 story, state of the art facility. My office is nice and the benefits are excellent there. One of the really exciting perks is an online Continuing Education program. Employees can go online and get their CEUs for free, 24/7. When you hold a professional license in a health care field, you have to get a certain number of continuing education credits every 2 year period as you renew your license. Mine is coming up in December and I have to get 20 CEUs before then. It usually costs a good bit of money to get your credits. They also will pay to re-up my license in December and that's another $170 or $175. Nice benefit! Also, this company has a VERY generous paid time off policy. We get 5 weeks and a day paid time off!! After 2 years, that goes up! We accrue time off at a rate of 8 hours every two weeks. That is the most generous time off policy I've ever had in my career. I am also excited because the entire building and everything in it is only 6 months old. The computers are new... everything works... the copy machines are brand spanking new. and OH! They have electronic medical records!!!!!!!! No paper records!! No putting charts in order, no flagging, no chasing doctors, no binding charts into folders that I have to assemble! It is a completely different kind of set up and it is something I have to learn about so I can use that skill later on for my next big plan, which YES, I have already got planned out. I want to be a remote coder and work from my home within the next 5 years. I might be able to do that with this company. If I impress them with my mad skillz, they are already considering making me "Regional Coding Supervisor" and a lot of that would be done remotely.

I feel renewed, re-energized, and happy. I have been writing rough drafts of my letter of resignation for Bosshole. Let me post it here and you can tell me what you think:

Dear Bosshole,

It's been real, it's been fun.. but it hasn't been real fun. See you later sucker!


PS: Get some new caps. Your teef are killin me.


Ok, just kidding. It's really going to go something like this:

At this time I am submitting my letter of resignation. I have been offered a very exciting opportunity with a progressive company that sees what I can do and appreciates my experience and knowledge. A nice opportunity in itself is not enough to pull me away, but I find your management style of intimidation, high pressure, and micro-management to be a morale killer and a performance suppressor. I am too good at what I do to have to put up with the hostile work environment that you have created at our workplace. I see your anger problem escalating in an unhealthy way and I see signs that tell me it is time to go. I deserve a certain amount of professional respect and I am all done listening to you rant about nothing. You can get a little short term compliance from people when you bully them but eventually all your really talented people will be courted away by better deals, as I have, and you will be left only with the people who cannot attract another offer.

After I am gone and you hire someone else you will find that the next person is also human, like me, and subject to cars breaking down, travel mix ups, traffic jams, and all kinds of other normal life happenings. So here you will have another imperfect human and this one may not know jack about LTAC coding. So enjoy that.


That's pretty much what I plan to say. My fervent wish is that it pisses him off so bad that he goes into one of his frenzies and fires me on the spot. Then I will have 2 weeks of vacation before I start my new job!

Keep your fingers crossed for me! I need a good firing. :-)

I was thinking of maaaybe holding my resignation letter, already in the envelope and ready to roll, and just waiting for him to pull some kind of bullshit. Then I could either hand him the letter, or say exactly what I think of him in as rude a way as he speaks to everyone else and provoke him until he says I am fired. Then hand in the resignation. I might just walk out on his very next tirade and take that one or two week break. It would be very easy to lead him to having a fit. He's like a goat. Easy to get. If you have ever been near a real goat or sheep, if you press on their forehead, they will push back. They are ready for a rumble. He's like that. He is easily led to anger. What a chump.

Anyways... I am looking forward to my new gig!! And at the very least, for the next 2 weeks I am going to do what I want. What's he gonna do, fire me?

I HOPE SO!!!!!!!

I will be taking next Friday off. I think I'll turn in the paper work and actually ask for the day off and if he says no I will either tell him "That's not a request really. I won't be here Friday." or I'll just not show up on Friday. Either way... I will be home. Bink is coming to see me, so I will be spending time with her.

Wow. I can't believe it is already into August!!!! It is "gift season" for my family. We have 3 birthdays in the same week of August, (mom, sis, nephew) then, 2 weeks later we have Libby's b-day, then mine 2 weeks after that, then Mr. Philly the next week, then Bink and her guy in one week, then Dad's b-day, Bink's step-kid, then Thanksgiving, then christmas!! Whew. We're just rotten with holidays around here. I need to get shopping.

Oh, I might be moving. My new job is about 20-something miles away in a really nice and picturesque little town and I was thinking of possibly moving over there when my lease comes up in November. I'm thinking if I can find a place I'll like as much as the place I live now, I'll be doing that. There is a big attractive looking luxury complex right across the street from the Blvd my new hospital is on. I'm going to check that out first. It would be cool to not have a commute. That's the next best thing to a home office.

So lots of things are in the works and I am feeling pretty good about it all.

I've never pulled up D-land on my work pc so I am fairly sure none of my co-workers know I have a blog. I would hate for my resignation to be scooped before I was ready to tell. I want to spring it for maximum effect. hahaha

I'll keep you posted.

Later Gators!

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