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2009-08-11 - 9:14 p.m.

I think Bosshole may be smelling the winds of change. I think this because he has been strangely calm and there has been a lack of spleen venting in my general direction lately. Above and beyond merely "laying off her a little", I think just maybe corporate dude caught a hint of the fact that I might be tired enough of Bosshole's nasty temper to actually quit and corporate dude needs me in a major way. My addition to the corporate team will directly take work off his own workload. He might have called and begged Bosshole not to piss me off anymore. That, or Bosshole has a dirty trick up his sleeve... like finding a meeker and more easily intimidated woman to take my place.

I feel pretty bad about leaving corporate dude high and dry because we are friends and he is really looking forward to the relief he will get when I'm working for him full time. But I'm not going to be working for him... and as much as I like him and want to help, I learned a long time ago that it is foolish to choose loyalty to the company over your own best interests. Corporate will cut your throat and walk over your twitching corpse the very first moment it would benefit the company in some way to do so. There is no such thing as loyalty to the employee.

So I have to do the thing that is best for me and I am pretty sure that means working for the rehab and not for the bosshole. I'm going to hate telling corporate dude that I'm quitting. For this reason, I am starting to rethink my scathing letter of resignation. I want to somehow make it plain that I am leaving directly because of bosshole's management style, but not totally burn the bridge, in case I want to come back later and go to work for corporate.

I saved the New Mexico facility from a disaster today. I was assessing 3 new patients and found out they were not eligible to be admitted and if they had admitted them out there, their stays would have been a 100% loss. There is a very simple rule in this particular payment system that disqualifies these three. I won't launch into it, since it will not make any sense to anyone but me and the occasional rare bird out there that just happens to know all about payment systems in different levels of health care. Anyhoo, suffice it to say I saved them from the cost of 3 hospital stays and in this type facility the average stay costs over 30K. I told them what they can do to make the 3 patients qualify again.

So here's why I think Bosshole smells the winds of change a blowin': Yesterday I smoove missed his pointless morning meeting. It happens at 8:15 am and I pulled up at 8:17, after being trapped behind a major accident for long enough to make me late. Usually, he will fully exercise his uvula after such a heinous misdeed as missing his morning round up. I fully expected to watch that little vein stand out on his forehead, but he just let it go without a fuss. Put me off kilter. Then, I had the GALL to request Friday off. This Friday... only 4 days notice. He told me that I have to give 2 full weeks of notice before I can expect to take any time off. I gave 4 days and he granted it without scolding me, without grilling me, without telling me that every last speck of my work has to be done before I leave on Thursday. He just signed the paper wordlessly. So, either he has finally slipped off his cog entirely and forgot that his usual role is to act like an ass at every opportunity, or he is planning to fire me and doesn't want me to quit before he gets me replaced, or Corporate Dude has begged him or possibly sicked Really Old Corporate Dude on him. That's a big possibility.

Something is up though.

I further pushed my luck yesterday when I went to do my pre-employment drug screen during lunch. The lab was far away and then they were closed for lunch when I got there so I had to wait around for another half hour. This caused me to be hella late getting back from lunch and I totally got away with it! I expected to hear Mr. Spacely screaming my name when I got back in. I was gone darn near 2 hours. He would have absolutely stroked out had he known. The fit would have been out of control. I really kind of expected the excrement to hit the oscillator yesterday, but it didn't. And as shitty as he has been to me, I must admit, his semi-civility makes me want to soften my stance ever so slightly. Now I hope I don't have to burn my bridge all the way down. I still want to expose him and leave officially because of him, but I don't want to point out his every flaw in the letter. Just the basic truth will do I guess.

I was writing an entry on my phone today and I lost the whole damn thing. What a kick in the stomach that is. I was all happy with it and was almost done, when !BLIP! there it went. That's so annoying.

Hey... unrelated topic here: The Dadness is cancer free!!! He was given the choice to either go ahead with the planned radiation or do a little more chemo and he chose the latter. Good choice, says I. Less damaging to his body. The radiation carried a risk of killing his tastebuds and salivary glands. He may have lost his sense of taste entirely and gone around with cotton mouth the rest of his life. No thanks. Not unless it is absolutely necessary. A good doctor that I work with said he would recommend the chemo, since Dad tolerated it so well. That way, we know what to expect and if there is ever a recurrence, God forbid, he will still have the radiation gun in his bag-o-tricks that can be used to fight it.

The folks are in town for a chemo treatment and we went out to dinner tonight. I have to go put gas in my car because my gas light is on and I know I won't have time in the morning. I hate getting up at 6. I'm not such an early bird. I would rather sleep till about 8. I hate restrictions. ::sigh::

I'm going to go get that gasoline before I get any more tired than I already am.

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