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2009-08-18 - 11:20 p.m.

Well boys and girls... I did it. I put in my letter of resignation. Boy did I spend an awkward couple of days behind that. I had intended to put the letter on Bosshole's desk before leaving last Thursday. I had taken Friday off and thought it would give the explosive tempered, confrontational, so-and-so the long weekend to calm down before I had to see him. Unfortunately, I was completely torn about which version of the letter to give and I didn't make the decision until about 7 pm yesterday!! All day I was trying to decide and then after I did it, I immediately realized how very awkward it was going to be, working with him for 2 weeks after telling him just what I think of him.

I critiqued him as a boss and fired him, basically. I said that his chosen management style is to be an extremely strict, micro-managing disciplinarian type and that this does not work with me. I also said "that style works best with entry level people and those with no other options". I went on to say that I am a seasoned professional with a skill set that is in demand and I field offers all the time so I really don't have to stick around and wait for him to have a fatal meltdown.

I told him that the big decision maker was when he threatened to fire me. "In that one moment I realized that my livelihood is in the hands of a guy who may arbitrarily fire me if I anger him... which seems increasingly hard to avoid." Another part I enjoyed saying: "I can only assume that you will happily accept my resignation, since a good leader does not threaten the livelihood of an employee he wishes to keep."

The message was loud and clear that his crappy management style is a FAIL and his ridiculous threats were the catalyst that made me realize I shouldn't be taking this crap.

Maybe he will learn that it would be wise to use a little restraint when he deals with employees. Especially the ones he really needs. I was polite, in that I first thanked him for the opportunity to work there, gave him the truth about why I was leaving, and then told him that it is not him as a person that I dislike; it's the way he treats the employees that is intolerable. You know, even after all the jackass stuff he has pulled, I honestly don't dislike the guy. I just think he is a really bad boss and I choose not to deal with his brand of bullshit anymore.

For the next 2 weeks, I am going to play it pretty much by my own rules.. cause what's he gonna do? Fire me? ha

I really hope so.

I plan to take off next Monday, I am leaving early on Thursday, and if he pisses me off or tries to lecture me at all, I'll walk. I think he knows that and he reeeeally needs me to do my coding because that is how they get paid. So he has stayed completely away from me. I have not heard a single peep out of him. I sent him an email saying that I would not be coming to the morning round up and I did not get even so much as an acknowledgement in reply. I think he is probably enraged and afraid if he speaks to me, he'll rant, I'll walk, and corporate will come down on him.

The word has spread like wild fire of course and corporate is upset and saddened that I am leaving. The employees at my facility are treating me like a hero for saying what everyone else has been afraid to say. The HR lady said "God bless you". hahaha

I have begged other people who have left because of him to tell the truth of why they are going, because that might change things for the rest of us. So I have done that, for them. And for the delicious joy of getting to say it to him. I didn't engage in any name calling and it wasn't extremely angry in tone, I hope. I tried to be diplomatic, but absolutely truthful about the reason I am going. I magnanimously offered to stay on in a part time capacity to keep the coding done until they get a replacement. He may have me escorted from the premises tomorrow, and if he does, I will celebrate my week and a half vacation before my new job starts. This is a nice situation to be in.

I have to hit the sack. I'm tired. I am going to do my work, do it well, and finish my two weeks out... unless he makes me mad or throws me out. He's mad enough to throw me out, but he neeeeeds what I do for them. What a dilemma for him to deal with. What a delicious little nugget of goodness for me.


Later gators!

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