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2009-08-25 - 10:17 p.m.


I am in the final week of my employment with the Bosshole. He is being ridiculously nice to me. I think he is afraid I'll get mad and just tell him to shove it, leaving him with no way to get their billing in. He wants me to be taking care of business until the very last minute. He's going to have a very hard time replacing me. There is a sort of widespread panic that is gripping everyone now as they each fear they will have to do some of the stuff I've done all this time. I'm getting a certain amount of satisfaction from that whole panic scenario. I like my co-workers, but I want Bosshole to fully realize what he accomplished with all his hard-ass ridiculousness.

I planned it so my last day would be Thursday, because I wanted a long weekend before starting my new job, but I was really hoping he would fire me as soon as I turned in the resignation letter, thus allowing me to enjoy a nice 2 week break between jobs. Wouldn't you know it; that jerk figured out a way to hold onto his temper the ONE time I wanted him to lose it!

I have been indulging in a wee bit of evil-doing, because I can. I mean, let's be honest here.. I want to do the right thing, but I've been oppressed, you know? Oppressed, repressed, distressed!! It has been low grade evil, like blowing off the morning round up. I missed his all-important morning meeting every day last week. He didn't say a word about it! I think he thought I was baiting him so I could have a fit and leave. haha

Then there's the day off without notice... I took Monday off and didn't ask if I could. I just announced I was not coming on Monday. I needed to have a long weekend with my family because with the new job, it will be awhile before I take any time off and go see them. I told him that I would be there Tuesday through Thursday, but now I am starting to rethink that a little. I might just blow off Thursday. Maybe. It depends on how much I get done tomorrow. I am trying to get my office all spiffy for the next poor sucker who tries to keep up with the monstrous workload in there. I started an info document for that person today. I am typing out things that the next director will need to know. How things are done. I won't be around to train the new person, so I'm trying to help.

There are so many good things about changing jobs right now. They are going to have a major inspection soon and it's not going to go so well. Bosshole has the place so understaffed that no one can get all the mindless busywork done, so when the very important agency comes in to inspect, they are going to uncover a lot of failure. They are going to write them up for soooo many things and Bosshole is going to blame the department heads instead of owning up to understaffing on purpose so he can get a bigger bonus for operating below budget. Bosshole is going to throw everyone else under the bus and say that he had no clue he was employing such a load of incompetents. And I won't be there for it!! If I got there tomorrow and the surveyors were there, I'd just quietly drive away. The thought of going through a survey has been stressful to me. Try as I might, I cannot keep all my stuff done. We as a whole facility are just not doing soooo many things we are supposed to be doing.

I'm very excited to be breaking free from the corporate fun ruiners! That is what I call the company IT people. They stripped our computers down so bare it is literally laughable. There's no solitaire, no games whatsoever, we are blocked from downloading anything, can't listen to music through the computer, and most websites are blocked. Can't run a youtube clip or do anything that could be construed as fun. They overshot the mark so bad that I have to sneak in some back way to load up my software updates because they did away with "my computer"! The computers are so old and slow that they barely crawl along. On Monday, I get to meet my new friend, my new work pc at my new job. It's new and fast and clean. I'm going to actually hang art in my office there. It's a nice office. I'm looking forward to it so much. I hope it is a happy work environment. It seems like it will be. If it is not, I will learn what I need from there and use that place as an income while I line things up to be a remote coder so I can work from home.

It's all a journey.

I found out that at the new place, the employees are allowed to use the gym for free. It has a state of the art gym with really good exercise equipment. They have an in house weight watcher club and the meetings are held during the work day. There is a luxury apartment complex close to there that has a special discount for employees. Nice perks.

I really want to not go to the old place on Thursday. I want to clear my palette so to speak and go in to the new place feeling rested and ready to go.

This is totally off topic, but I am distressed and must share: I have a new fuzzy blanket and I washed it once for use. Apparently, this thing is the birthplace of all fuzz. I feel like I have been breathing fuzz, and I can feel fuzz in my nose and all over my face. My nightie has fuzz all over it. I am going to have to wash it a bunch of times to get all the loose fuzz off it I guess. I may have to take another shower to get all the wee itchy fibers off me.

There. I feel better now that you know.

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