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2009-08-30 - 4:16 p.m.

Well... I'm all done with the Bosshole. I spent my last 2 weeks doing things however I wanted to, with the happy knowledge that if he started to rant, I would be all done there. If I could have had that kind of freedom the whole time I worked there, I wouldn't have left. I can work totally unsupervised, because I know what needs to be done in my department and I have my own professional standards to meet. Control freak bosses make me lose the will to continue.

I really hope this new job is as fun a place to work as it seems. I have the sudden pressure of "new job, new boss" to deal with, and every workplace has it's downside and it's trouble makers, but I'm hoping to like this job. If not, I will learn everything there is to know about electronic medical records and then I'll take a new job elsewhere to get the last piece I need towards becoming a remote coder from home. Or a travel coder for the high salary. My 5 year plan is to be a remote coder working from my home office. Once I accomplish that, I can live anywhere I want because my work will be done online, so it doesn't matter what physical address I have. If I adore this new company, I may stay on for the long haul. It all just depends on how this goes. They claim that they are fun people and that they are like a big happy family. We shall see. There is a honeymoon period which will be starting tomorrow. It should be a nice easy day, as I will just be moving in to my new office and getting all settled in.

The biggest problem I see looming right now is the commute. I think my drive to work is going to be every bit as long as the one to the old job, and maybe a little longer. I haven't driven it during morning traffic, so that will tell the tale. I went apartment looking over the weekend and found some really nice places that are comparable to the one I live in now. I have it narrowed down to 2 places, I think. That could change. One place was the best possible location, at just 3 miles from my new job. It would be SO nice to get to sleep a little longer because there's no commute time. Plus, the gas money savings will be pretty substantial. That place has the best location but the other place was my favorite. It had more wow factor. They have Jacuzzi tubs!!!!! That's the one I want. If I move there, I'm getting the 2 bedroom unit. I liked the floor plan much better than the 1 bedroom and the price just isn't that much more. It's only 5 miles from my workplace, but it is located in such a way that I'll have to cross the interstate to get back to the hospital. It's not enough of a travel difference to stop me from taking that one though. I guess it depends on what is available when my lease here comes up. My new apartment and new job are off the same exit of the interstate, so that's nice and close to work. I've had a commute for the past several years. It will be so great to have a short drive to work and back. That is 1.5 to 2 hours a day I can use for my leisure time instead of commuting.

It's Sunday and that means "True Blood" comes on tonight. I love that show. It has been even better in the second season. I like the whole Sookie and Eric thing that's happening. Eric is supposedly in Shreveport. I worked in Shreveport for a couple of years and lemme tell ya people... there ain't nobody in Shreveport even remotely like Eric.

I like the show a lot... but during the first season I had to get over a few things. For example, no one has an authentic accent. The closest to it is Arline the red headed waitress from Merlotte's and I guess Sam is passable. Lafayette talks like a guy from Louisiana, but everyone calls him lah-fye-ette and it should be more like "laffy-ette" if it's going to be pronounced like people in Louisiana would say it. Tara talks like no other black person anywhere. Period. Her accent is all messed up. But she is a likeable character. The bad accents were a distraction and another one was the fact that the writers totally didn't do their homework about the layout of Louisiana. They talk about Bon Temps (which is fictional) being near Monroe, Shreveport, and New Orleans. Like you could just hop in the car and jaunt over to New Orleans in a few minutes. In reality, Monroe is far northeast, Shreveport is an hour and a half from there in the northwest corner of the state, and New Orleans is a good 4.5 hours south of both. These are not neighboring towns. Despite those things, the show is very entertaining and I'm a fan.

I gave Dexter his heartworm pill and I think it made him sick. He has runny poo today and he's just laying around sleeping. He has been on this heartworm preventative for months and I always suspected it didn't really agree with him, but this time it seemed to give him a problem. I'm going to switch him to Sentinel. That's what Miss Abby Crabapple takes. (my dog who lives with Myra now) Dexter's vet doesn't like Sentinel for some reason. But he said he will prescribe it for Dexter if I want it. Maybe he didn't have enough food in his stomach and that made it worse this time. I have to cut the pill up and hide it in liver treats for him to take it. I feel bad that he is laying low today, like I poisoned him. Poor little guy.

Well, I've got to get some stuff done for the work week. I have clothes to launder and toenails to paint.

Later Gators!


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