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2009-10-04 - 4:15 p.m.

What the heck is wrong with people?

Why are celebrities lining up to sign a petition to keep Roman Polanski, the child-f**ker, from paying for his crimes??

How can it possibly be ok with any-damn-body that he drugged, plied with alcohol, raped, sodomized, and took naked pictures of a 13 year old child?? Then he fled the country like a coward to avoid paying for his crimes. He has lived it up all these years abroad and now he wants to be let off the hook for his sick perverted crimes.

Is it ok because it happened a long time ago? Or is it because the child he raped and sodomized had no parental protection and she'd been victimized before? In my opinion, the fact that her mother knew she was alone with a grown man and did not protect her daughter, coupled with the fact that the kid could recognize quaaludes at 13 years old, makes it more of a crime! That kid was a victim going into it and you can bet our famous child-predator could smell this a mile away. This kid obviously didn't have the benefit of parents who cared enough to protect her. She'd been exposed to things she shouldn't have. At 13 years old, a child is not finished growing yet. I don't care if this particular adolescent had budding breasts, she was not even finished growing yet and Roman got all sexually excited over a child.

And is it just my lone opinion, or does anyone else see a problem with Woody Allen being one of the first to jump on the band wagon and sign the petition??? I think if I was a vile kid-f**ker looking for a way out of paying for my foul crimes, I would ask Woody to not sign the petition, since he was his current wife's father figure as she grew up.

I don't think a child rapist deserves a break, no matter how long ago he did the crime.

The cool thing about putting pedophiles in prison is that they then get to find out what it is like to be hurt and sexually abused by someone much more powerful than themselves. That is poetic justice. Everybody hates a kid-f**ker, even the other inmates.

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