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2009-11-02 - 4:39 a.m.

Ya'll ain't gonna belee dis.

As you know, I have been sick unto death for the past month. The illness kept getting more and more severe until I ended up waking up at 4 am, unable to breathe, was diagnosed with severe bronchitis on top of flu, and was flat on my back for the next week with a fever of 103 degrees. When I returned to work, there had been 30 discharges, so they boss was keen to get all that coded out and billed. She was very hurry hurry hurry about it all. The following day, once I had gotten the all important billing out so they could get lots and lots of money, she told me that she was letting me go for absenteeism.

That's right, I got canned for having the flu. Coolness.

Seriously though.

Bitch fired me for having the flu. I missed a week of work, but I was on doctor's orders and I really and truly couldn't even do the basic things for myself. I've never been that sick in my life, and I was unable to even get my own medicine at times and to fix food. I lost several pounds because I didn't eat hardly at all during that week.

Did I mention I had a written doctor's order not to return to work for that whole week?

I called an attorney to see if that is legal and she better pray to all the Gods she believes in and a few she doesn't that I don't have a case. I would adore a good lawsuit for wrongful termination. I doubt I have a legal leg to stand on, because this is another "at-will" state. They don't really need a reason. We shall see. What a bitch. I can't see how that made sense to her though. The boss and her boss seemed to be ecstatic to have me, I was successful at everything I did. I recoded a bunch of wrong stuff and made them go from non-compliant status to compliant and saved their ass in the event of an audit. They spent time and money bringing me on as a new employee. It just doesn't make sense for them to fire me for having the flu and start over training and paying some new employee for the total non-productive training / orientation stuff. They wasted my time and theirs.

So, I already called an attorney and applied for unemployment. They will try to block the unemployment, but I kind of doubt they can make that stick since there were zero write ups, zero mistakes, zero negative things to tell other than the fact I had the flu and was on doctor's orders to stay home for a week. I expect to get unemployment. If I do get it, there will be great celebration and rejoicing in the land. I will use the time off like a sabbatical, while feverishly searching for work of course. I did find a pretty nice sounding job posted for the town I went to college in. It's about 20 minutes from my family. I could end up working there. ::sigh:: Unemployment would be more fun. I am surprisingly calm and happy for an unemployed person. I have put back money for just such a tragedy as this, so I'll be fine. There is something beautiful about being unemployed during the holidays. I don't have to worry about asking for whatever days I want to be off. That's greatness. My unemployment will pay my expenses and even if I don't get it, I'm still ok. I'll be offered a job before I want to take one, guaranteed.

It does piss me off that this skanky bitch ended my paycheck and my medical insurance when she knows the economy is down and she knows I am my only source of income. If I were not so well prepared for bad situations, I could be in a very bad place because of her trigger happy ass. She has some bad karma coming though. Her karma is bad enough that her kids better duck. You don't get to throw shit into the universe without having some come back and hit you in the face. Her day is coming. If I have any kind of a legal leg to stand on, her time is really near. I'd rather have her terminated than to take a money settlement.

I told her that with any luck at all, she will get H1N1 and find out how it feels to be that sick, and that completely helpless and to have the people at work expect her to come in anyway. I told her that I truly hope that she gets to feel what I've just gone through because then she will have some level of understanding that she just isn't capable of at this time. I coughed in her presence many, many times, so I really do hope I laid it on her real good. And I hope her boss is just as unreasonable, uncaring, and plain old ass-headed as she is.

So there you have it. The latest crap to happen in Teetsville. Somehow, I can't be totally upset about this state of no-workingness. It's kinda good.

Later gators!

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