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2009-11-06 - 12:10 a.m.

It is I, the non-gainfully unemployed slacking, no-working, non-money-earning, Teets of no-schedule.

I'm kinda loving it.

I mean, what a tragedy has befallen me! Oh what is I gonna do?

I received a bunch of mailings from the unemployment people and it all looks like it's a go. However, I know that they send that to everyone who applies, so it may not be a go. I have to wait and see if I get a letter that says I am out of luck. I really don't think the ex-employer can stop me from getting benefits, since I did a good job and never had any trouble there. The only bad thing that ever happened since I started working there was that I got really sick and followed doctor's orders to stay home for that whole week. We shall see.

Oh I hope hope hope I get to be on unemployment!! This will give me a chance to take care of some personal business and enjoy the fall and the holidays, assuming I don't get sucked into a job against my will. The money is enough to cover my expenses, so I can tread water financially and look for a really good opportunity in the mean time. Good stuff. If the unemployment thing doesn't work out for me, I will weep quietly for a while and then stay off work through the rest of 2009. That is, unless I get sucked into a job against my will. heh.

I have a tendency to get offers I can't refuse. I think when I do go back to work, it will be a coding-from-home position. If I can get that set up. I ought to be able to swing that. I've gotten some good leads from a girl that codes from home. Coders are in demand, so I should be able to set something up for myself. I was planning to do that for my 5 year plan, but I guess I can do that plan sooner than 5 years.

I went grocery shopping today just like I was a gainfully employed person. Mr. Philly is coming to visit again not this Saturday but the one after that. We're going to enjoy the autumn weather and the museums and all the good stuff there is to be had around here. My lease is coming up for my apartment and I really have no idea what I'm going to do. I guess if I get the unemployment, I'll sign at least a 6 month lease. If not, I might end up going back to where my family lives. They all want me to do that. I really like living here though. So basically, once again every single thing is up in the air again and I don't even know what state I'll be living in by year's end.

It's a good thing I'm so flippin crazy about change and so unimpressed by dumb things like security, and safety.

I'm that confused mouse in the maze that's always screaming "WHO MOVED MY CHEEEEEEEEEEESE?????????"

My cheese has been ganked so many times, I don't know which end is sticking up. But hey... I don't have to go to work tomorrow and that's kinda beautiful. :-)

One of these days, that could seem like a terrible problem, but today, not so much...

Goodnight, Gentle Reader.

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