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2009-11-12 - 4:07 a.m.

You know who is on D-Land in the wee hours? Asian people and advertising spammers. That's who. And of course me. Me... because I am unemployed so I can be up in the middle of the night. That's pretty good stuff but I need to not let my schedule get too crazy. Well, maybe that ship has sailed.

As for the spammers... I hate you weasels. Who on earth is going to buy something from an ad that is snuck over on them or forced on them? Somebody must, or they'd give up on it. I spend a little time most nights reporting spammers. They set up diaries here and their diaries are just advertisements. That just annoys the peanuts out of me. They are pretty much always the plain dark blue template with hyperlinks and occasionally pictures! Usually the name will have a couple of numbers at the end, like sarahjane74 or something like that. It's very easy to report them, then Andrew and his staff look at the reported blogs and ban them. After they've gone to all the trouble of setting it up.

I've been very busy feverishly looking for work. (you may laugh here if you wish) OK, I am "conducting my unemployment job search". I don't even know what the verdict is on my benefits just yet, but they told me to go ahead and get 3 job contacts a week, so that's what I'm doing. I am getting feedback from the resume's I am sending out. I was happy to hear from this one job that I might actually want to take and glad to hear they are not yet interviewing. They are going to collect resume's for a while and the HR lady said she would contact me when they are ready to begin interviewing. I'm glad they are not in a hurry, because I'm not. I want to be off for the holidays.

Mr. Philly will be arriving Saturday, so there will be some fun times ahead. He is doing quite well in SL. He invented a product that everyone needs and it is selling like hotcakes even still. It's been a top seller on the big exchange since it came out and it just stays steadily at the top. He's cashing out real money from this. I am also seeing a lot of sales of my products in SL because my stuff is in his SL store, and when people come there to get his product they seem to be picking up some of my stuff too. I make these crazy looking critters that run around randomly. I make a big tentacle monster that runs around and its tentacles flap all over the place. I made some cute little furry critters and I'm expanding my line soon. I sold like a dozen of them today. It's fun. I made a custom arm cuff that is a snake that winds around my upper arm. Someone requested that I make that so he can buy them as gifts. I finished it before I signed off. Things are going pretty well with all that.

My little Dexter is doing well after the nasty experience of being neutered. Poor lil fella. He seemed to be feeling fine today. I am very attached to this little rascal. I realized that when I had to take him in for the procedure. I took a video of him humping the daylights out of his doggie bed. That was his last night of having nards, so he will lose interest in that naughty and tempting doggie bed. I got him a new toy and thought about what a lousy trade it might seem to him. heh

I'm so glad dogs have short memories. He's laying right in front of me, between me and the keyboard. He's having his doggie dreams. I hope in his dream he is chasing rabbits and not running from the vet.

See you later, Gators

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