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2009-11-19 - 5:17 a.m.

Put on your party hat, I have started receiving unemployment benefits!!!!!


This is a very nice relief. I can tread water instead of use my savings while I am between jobs. I have decided to use this time off to not only search feverishly for work, but also to learn to use photoshop or gimp to make clothes and textures in SL. I have seen first hand what kind of money can be made in there and I might be able to make money in a creative capacity instead of doing boring old medical stuff. We shall see. If I don't make it happen within whatever time I have to pursue it, then I'll just stay in the medical field, but I am thinking I might actually be able to segue into something creative.

Mr. Philly is here with me and we are having fun. We went to my favorite German restaurant tonight for dinner. Going to the restaurant reminds me of living in Germany. We're going to visit some museums and maybe the zoo. This city has a lot of stuff to do. We also are talking about taking a little road trip to Austin. I think Austin is a cool city and I might want to relocate there later on. I was born near there.

It is time to get some Christmas shopping done and I have not even started. My dad's birthday is coming up and I have to shop for that. We are going to see the family this coming weekend and then a week later it is going to be time for another trip to the big family Thanksgiving Dinner. I can't miss Dad's b-day and can't miss Turkey Day either, so the only alternatives are to stay there all week, crashing at the already crowded with holiday relatives houses, or make 2 trips. Then next month is Christmas. so more traveling will go down. But the hard thing about traveling to see the family is being tired from working all week, driving all weekend, and then going back to work without proper rest. I don't have that ole work problem messing everything up anymore.

I'm thinking that *after* I get done using my unexpected "sabbatical", I might just send a card to that trashy ho that terminated me for having the flu, that says something like "Thanks for being a hasty, punitive, no-thinking, asswad. I enjoyed my long break immensely." I wonder if a persons' benefits can be taken back for gloating at the assclown that popped off and fired them without sufficient cause. hehe

She now has to live with the knowledge that even though she tried to fight my benefits, I still got 'em, because she had no real cause to terminate me and they have to pay for that. Way to go, Sparky!

I'm reading a great book called "Many Lives, Many Masters" about reincarnation. Verrry interesting. I can hardly put it down. I am almost done reading it. I'm going to go finish it when I am done here. I am supposed to be finishing up "Twilight", but this other book is too fascinating. I'm trying to finish Twilight before I see my mom again, because she wants to borrow it. I'm not as sucked in as everyone else seemed to be, but I'm not a big fiction reader. I like non-fiction more and of course books on astrology and other new agey, mysterious kinds of things.

Mr. Philly is currently harassing my dog. Dexter loves to start fights with him and vice versa. Dex keeps barking. He has a mighty loud bark for such a tiny little guy. He's all recovered from his surgery now.

I have a book calling my name.

Later Gators!

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