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2009-11-30 - 4:54 p.m.

I went to a Puscifer show on Friday night. It was great. Puscifer, for those who aren't major Tool fans, is a yet another side project of Tool lead singer, Maynard James Keenan. He's crazy talented. This tour is only for 11 cities so I had to go. I like the Puscifer music, but it's so different from the usual Tool stuff that a lot of Tool fans don't really get it. If you want to see what it's all about, go to Puscifer.com and check it out. The site loops the music. If you click through a few songs, you will come to a song called "The Mission". I love that one. I love a bunch of them.

They booked these shows in Performing Arts venues. Maynard says these shows are not concerts, they are shows and the sooner people grasp that, the better. heh. I found out what he means by that at the show.

First of all, Maynard and some other dude play as Puscifer's opening act. They are uber-christian band, Uncle Scratch and they do songs like "Repent ... it's a song about repentin". It was irreverent and funny and I'm not down with making fun of Jesus, but they are making fun of a certain kind of christian that those of us who were "raised in church" have seen many times. People who blame "the devil" if they accidentally drive their car over a mail box. At one point in the show some of the equipment fell over and Maynard said "The devil is fuckin up my shit. I hate the devil. The devil is a punk-ass bitch." Then they sang their song "The devil is a punk-ass bitch".

After their set, Maynard came out as another character, Neil Hamburger, the really bad comedian. He told some unfunny jokes and kept saying things like "What a bunch of pricks" and "The problem is with you" because his jokes were failing. He had a bad comb-over and a janky suit. Then the stage went dark and something that had looked like part of the set is actually a big screen and videos started playing of Maynard and this woman whose name escapes me. She plays the country wife of Billy somebody... I forgot the name.. anyways, Puscifer has this song called "Cuntry boner". It's very nasty and my mother would shame me roundly if she knew I laughed at it. They did some of the Puscifer songs in country style and there were funny film clips all in between the songs. The clips were more entertaining than the songs. I was ready to hear the real stuff, because I don't like country music. They did a good job countrifying their songs and there for a minute I thought they were going to do the whole show in that style. Just as I was thinking that, some asshat started yelling something like "I came to see Puscifer!! What the hell is this?" Maynard answered by saying "Eat a dick, bitch." haha. That guy kept yelling and heckling for a bit and I was ready to go over there and crack him upside his head. He was messing up my experience there for awhile. At one point, Maynard was singing behind a monitor and his face was on the monitor. The heckling guy yelled something unintelligible and Maynard slowly put his middle finger in front of the camera so just the birdie was showing on the monitor. That was hilarious. He doesn't miss a beat.

After the country part of the show, the real deal started and they were so great. They did several really good songs. So good. They did The Mission, Momma Sed, Dozo, and quite a few others. It was a really good show.

I would have liked to stomp that idiot who didn't have enough self control to wait and see what all was going to be in the show. It's not like they would ever change what they planned to do because some idiot in the audience thought it should be some other way. That jackass didn't have enough class to just watch the show that was being performed and he should have been shown the door.

At the end of the show, they gave out copies of the first Puscifer CD, "V is for Vagina". Good stuff. I already had it of course, but Mr. Philly was with me and he didn't have it. Great show.

I loves me some Maynard.

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