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2009-12-04 - 6:38 p.m.

It snowed today in the Houston area. Strangely enough, it snowed more in the southern parts of the city than in the northern areas. This snow today broke a couple of records. This is the earliest snow ever on record for the city of Houston and it is also the first time on record that it has snowed in two consecutive years.

Yeah buddy, if this globe keeps on warming at this frightening rate, there may come a day when it ceases to snow in the tropics. har har.

I love the snow, because I don't have to deal with it as a problem. I was substantially more stoked about it than was Mr. Philly, who sees plenty of it in his corner of the world.

I have a phone interview on Monday with the job I am seriously considering near my family. ::sigh:: I want to stay off work for as long as possible, but if I get offered a good job that I would actually like to have, I may have to go for it. Damn my awesome work ethic!! I want the maximum of time off. Wouldn't you know someone would come up with something tempting?? After this interview, I should know more about whether or not I will give up my sabbatical for gainful employment. If the salary sucks real bad or I realize it's a crappy job, I'll know I need to avoid that one. I have a list of questions for them. I'm going to have a whole new world of problems if I do decide to take it, because I may have to fight to get out of my lease. I signed a 6 month lease last time, which should have been up in November, but when I checked with the office, they said my lease is not up till May. That would have to mean I somehow was given a 12 month lease instead of 6. I didn't balk at the time, because I needed to stay here and didn't want to have to renegotiate my rent. They raise the rent on every renewal. Money grubbers that they are.

I am cooking dinner and things have to get did within the next 5 minutes, so I will sign off for now.

Snow day in Teetsville!

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