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2009-12-15 - 7:04 a.m.

I am having a bit of a struggle with insomnia lately. Sort of. All I managed to accomplish during the whole of last night was periods of dozing. No deep sleep. I hate that. I've been awake without even the luxury of a doze since about 5 am after having gone to bed at midnight. This happens to me sometimes though. I think it comes from having my usual work life interrupted.

I think after the holidays I will have to structure a daily work schedule for myself, even if it is just to do tutorials on Gimp, which is sort of an open source Photoshop. I am learning the Gimp so I can make clothing in second life. I've had some good success with my in-game creations, but I want to learn to make really high quality clothing. Mr. Philly has done so well with his second life business, I see now that it really can be done. I want to build up an actual income from in-game sales as he has done. I can't give up his business info in my blog, but let's just say homey doesn't need a day job anymore. Seriously.

I would love to have that for myself. Over my career in the medical field, I have been frequently asked by co-workers WHY on earth I chose such a non-creative, administrative type career when I am such a creative person. The answer to that question is the same as the answer to why my marriage was all wrong. Because I chose it with my head instead of my heart. I chose the medical field because it pays well and will always be in demand. Also, I wanted a comfortable, indoor work environment. I didn't think much about what would be fun or fulfilling. I just focused on the practical.

This is my chance to sharpen up my skills and go for it. I may have a harder time of it than Mr. Philly did though, because people buy clothing, but there is a ton of competition and big names out there who are already established. He invented something that absolutely everyone wants. His ideas are revolutionary and change the way the game is played or viewed, my stuff would only appeal to a certain crowd. But, I am going to see what I can do with it. I know it can be done. If it doesn't work, I'll take another boring administrative job.

OR I'll run away and join the circus or something. You know, some people do something interesting with their life. Some people just liquidate their assets and hit the road. There are so many things to do and so little time!

This week I must finish my Christmas shopping and I have to get out to the museum. We might do that today. I'll bet it would be a great day for the museum, because the weather is just absolutely dreary and most people are at work. The Imax theater is playing "A Christmas Carol" in 3D and I want to see that before Christmas. Seems like a fun holiday thing to do. Mr. Philly is staying with me through the holidays. We are having fun, but neither of us are tending to business as we should. It's really nice though to be able to talk and spend time together without having to be online or on the phone though.

The weather has just been crappy for his whole visit though. It seems like it has rained nearly every day. I wanted to go out and walk in the park and do some outdoor things. I want to make the most of my time off.

I did a phone interview with that hospital near my family and I must say, they seem to not be too organized over there. They placed the ad for the job in October and they have not even gotten to the in-person interviews yet. They do not return phone calls and calls always seem to go to voice mail. It's like no one is working over there. I can't help but draw associations and imagine that there may be other problems with disorganization in that facility. The HR lady couldn't answer many of my questions. On the upside, the salary is in the right range and the benefits are good. This gives me a big dilemma though. I don't want to do another hospital job if I can make a living creatively. This job offer, if it materializes at all, will probably happen before I know if my creative endeavors will pay off. I'll have to either take it or not take it before I am ready to make that decision. If I am offered a well compensated job there I may have to take it and continue to build my creative thing on the side.

Dexter has the rips. It's early in the morning and Mr. Philly is still asleep... well.. he was. Dexter did some vigorous pouncing and barking. I just heard a stern "NO!" replacing the peaceful snores of a few minutes ago.

Now that everyone is up, I guess we should seize the day, before my night of nothing but dozing catches up to me. I'll crash and burn at some point today, but for now I'm feeling ok.

Later gators!

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