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2010-01-09 - 3:03 p.m.

So I had to go to a face to face meeting with the CEO of the hospital near my family. We had just gotten back from that long road trip from seeing the family at Christmas when the HR lady came up with the great plan of me coming back for that interview. I had to agree to it, even though I was still undecided about taking that job. On the night before travel, I was up all night and got only 3 hours of sleep. That is what I do when I reeeeeally need to sleep. I just kind of... don't.

So there I was, tired, driving on a long trip I didn't want to make for an interview I didn't want to do for a job I didn't want to get. It was swell. Add to that, I had been trying to contact the HR lady all week to change the interview time that she picked. She asked me what time was good for me and *she* suggested 10:30 am. I didn't like that time slot, since I'm coming a long way and I wanted early afternoon in case I traveled the day of the interview. I could not contact her to save my life over the week. They do not pick up the phone over there. It always goes to voice mail. So the day before travel she emailed me twice. The first one asked if I could travel a day ahead and be there for 10 am. The next one said they had a change of plans, so afternoon was fine for them. At this point I tried to confirm afternoon, but was unable to get anyone on the phone. Even the receptionist doesn't answer. I checked my email later that night and found an email from her stating that the controller had to go back to whatever city she came from so any time I wanted to come by was fine. In other words, "the person you made a 10 hour round trip to see is not going to be available for your interview, but I'll talk to you myself so you'll feel like you didn't waste your time entirely." I was really annoyed and considered not even going. I googled the company and found a lot of very negative press. Like, almost humorously negative. I've been in the hospital game for 15 years and it all rang true because I know what happens in these hospitals.

Ultimately, I decided that I had come all this way and I might as well go over there and get the tour. I might just see or hear something while I am there that makes it plain to me what I should do. So I went. I arrived 5 minutes early and she kept me waiting for 15 minutes. Imagine how pleased I was to meet everyone after everything I had learned about dealing with these people.

I was pleasantly surprised with the grounds and there were a lot of awards on the wall which were sort of surprising. Then I learned that the CEO has been there for a decade, which is downright shocking. It's a good sign when the leadership has been in place a long time. Failing hospitals have a rapid turnover and so do hospitals with a lot of big legality problems. I was told that there is a full staff in my department and the work is supposedly not falling into a backlog situation while they have no leader. All good news.

The interview went quite well and the CEO asked me a ton of questions about the inner workings of the payment system and other things that are my specialty and then he was visibly surprised when I knew the answers. This was very amusing to me. I suspected that they did not get any applicants with really good specialized experience and I was right. The things he wants are the things I have spent my career learning about and doing. He told me that my resume "rose to the top" and as we discussed it all, at some point he realized he was wagging his tail too much and he pulled back a bit. He said that he has 2 long term employees in my department and one of them really wants to move up and take the position. If he hires me for it, she is going to feel passed over. He has a dilemma there. He is undecided about letting her try it. He wants to hire someone who already has that experience, but he knows I won't be cheap. He can let her do it and maybe get away with nothing more than a slight raise, as opposed to my whole salary being added to his payroll and subtracted from his potential bonus. I don't know which way he will go with that, but I do know he actually called my references. He's really being careful. I see some danger in that. There is a really strong possibility that he is expecting me to come in there and pull a magic rabbit out of my ass to fix all his problems. If they are having problems that I can fix, I can indeed have that effect. But their problems might be in marketing. They might be bringing in the wrong kinds of patients. If the high paying ailments are not there, I can't make them be there. You know? So I could end up moving my life there and losing that job within the 90 days because I can't make a miracle happen.

That, my friends, is why I unashamedly ask for a large amount of money. You wouldn't believe how cut-throat the hospital industry is. Seriously, you'd be shocked. I could write a book. (Insert maniacal laughter here) I'm actually thinking of writing one. haha

Over my career I have asked for big money. Ridiculous money sometimes. Because I know that they will hire you, let you perform a miracle, and then replace you with an entry level worker fresh out of school after you fix their big problem for them. One of these days I might go back to just consulting. I just wanted a stable job where I wouldn't have to travel all the time.

I'd like to just win the lottery and dispense with this whole career thing. Join the club, huh?

I lost a day. I just realized it is Saturday when I have been totally having a Friday here. Poo. I was happier when I thought it was Friday.

I wish my buddy list people would all update.


See you cats later.


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