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2010-01-15 - 5:22 p.m.

I keep a spiral bound journal next to my bed along with a pen for writing down my dreams as soon as I wake up. I have a lot of crazy dreams. My dream journal is fun to read. If I don't write my dreams immediately, I forget them within a short time of waking up. Today, I didn't write them down and I've lost most of it.

Lately, I've had a few dreams about people making the same old mistakes they've always made. I guess that is my subconscious mind telling me that if I go to work for another hospital I'll be repeating my same old mistake. But it's a mistake that has a pretty good paycheck and benefits attached, so therein lies the dilemma.

Anyhoo, I dreamed a few nights ago about my ex-bro-in-law, who has a solid history of coming up with "brilliant ideas" that are really not such a good idea. In the dream, he had one big tooth and it was sticking straight out of his mouth and interrupting his line of vision when he looked down. He is a mason by trade, and he was working on a dark brown floor. The sight of this big chicklet right in his way was driving him crazy, so he stained it a dark brown color in hopes that it would blend into the color of the floor and hence disappear from his line of vision. He was very proud of himself for thinking up such a great plan. He was downright cocky about it and celebrated himself pretty demonstratively for being such an awesome guy and brilliant innovator.

Moments after the indelible stain was slathered on, I heard him say "Awww Maaaaan". This is what he says when something goes wrong. He was disappointed because his big brown tooth was still right in his line of vision and was not obscured at all, despite the ingenious application of floor blending color. He was really steamed and he said "Now it's like a pancake hanging out of my face! A big brown pancake!!"

I was thinking that this is just exactly like him to come up with a bad idea and implement it without thinking about how it might really turn out. In the absolute best set of circumstances, if his plan had worked just as he wanted it to, the tooth would only blend in when he happened to be looking down at a dark brown floor. All the rest of the time, he would be going around with a big brown tooth jutting out.

I had a good laugh and wrote that one down.

The next night, I dreamed about my ex-husband. He used to bring home "bargains" sometimes. These bargains were usually crap that had to be hauled away later. In my dream about him, he brought home a big box full of computer parts and he had paid money for it. He was incredibly pleased with himself and his major "bargain". As I dug through this box of computer parts, I realized that maybe 3 things in the box was worth anything at all and the rest was complete obsolete crap. so he had actually over paid for 3 old used computer parts. I thought "how typical".

It seems to me that this dream is telling me that if I take another boring hospital job and move back to Louisiana, I'll be repeating past mistakes. But that's just because I don't want to do that kind of work anymore. I can't really break out of it until I have something solid to jump to. Ya know?

The dream I didn't write down seemed to be about me living in a hospital. HA. Sometimes when you work in a hospital, it seems like you live there. But you know what? In the dream, I was packing to leave that hospital. Hmmmm


Update on Sal Esposito, the Jury Cat:

I just heard on the news that Sal Esposito has been released from jury duty because a letter from his veterinarian has convinced the jury commissioner that he's a cat. The news reporter finished up his report by saying that Sal may still be able to vote in the senate elections.

I wonder what party Sal is affiliated with.

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