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2010-02-27 - 9:35 a.m.

I am loving life these days. I only wish I could be retired all the time except for creative projects. I've been learning a lot about graphics, second life photography, and content creation. Here is my latest creation:

The uber-sexeh Harlequin Leg Dagger.

I have made a couple of designs for the leg band and knife handle. This picture is the one I use for my vendor board. I have a good display going at 2 locations in game and I have a lot more items in my inventory that need vendor boards made before they can go out. It seems the more stuff I make, the more ideas I have.

I have been talking with a recruiter and it has been established that this recruiting firm would like to take me on as one of their consultants. A few days ago, a consulting contract was offered to me that would have me living all expenses paid in a vacation spot, plus receiving a high hourly rate that could just be banked, since they pay all other expenses. If I work for them, they will fly me to the location, fly me home every 2 weeks for a weekend visit, pay my lodging, car rental, a per diem for food and gas, and my hourly consulting fee. I had to actually sit down and figure out how this would all work logistically, since I would have to shut my apartment up for 3 months and be gone, or move out of it and store my stuff, etc. They said my dog could come with me, so that was not a worry. After all the thinking and planning, I decided that I would do it and I agreed to be submitted for the assignment. Then the client withdrew the job, because they unexpectedly landed a permanent employee for the position. I was kind of disappointed to be losing what was a really stunning opportunity, but at the same time, I was happy I don't have to pack up and be gone in 5 days. I was looking at March 1 as a start date!

There was a purpose in that little psyche out though. I now know that I am willing to go someplace crazy for 3 months if the opportunity presents again. They immediately tried to send me to a tiny podunk town that I am familiar with already and know for a fact I don't want to live in. I told the recruiter to hit me up when she gets anything I'm a match for in a fabulous location. I'll go to any really nice location for a contract. She can just hold off on places like Detroit, or Fargo North Dakota, unless the pay is just insane. If it's crazy ridiculous money, I might take a yucky location.

I still have 2 months worth of sabbatical, IF I don't get it extended, which I might. It depends on what opportunities come my way. I don't feel worried though. I feel happy and good. I might get worried at some point down the road. If I run out of benefits and start having to dip into my emergency fund, then I'll start being worried. If that happens, I can probably take a job I don't want to do, just to prevent disaster.

I have used some of my Valentine's prizes. I already had my spa day, right after I won the prize! I didn't waste any time collecting up on that.

On Thursday I had a salon day. That was fun. I had a million things done to my hair and it took up almost 4 hours of my life. My scalp was actually sore when she got done with me, but my hair looked great. hehe. She did all kinds of treatments and stuff. She gave me some nice hair products too. It was really very nice and she was excellent at what she does, so I will go back to her again. My scalp was sore because I am very tender headed and she did a lot of towel drying and pulling that doesn't bother the average person, but does bother tender headed me. She blow dried my hair using these big round brushes and she would roll them up to my head and leave it there like a curler. It was interesting. My hair was so silky and almost like it had been flat ironed. It was shiny and silky and had a tremendous amount of bounce and lift to it. Usually my hair is very curly, and I never get to wear it straight. I looked different with straight hair. It's curly again today. heh.

I still have my bottle of wine, unopened. I wish Mr. Philly was due for his next visit soon, because I'd like to pop the cork on that wine. I keep thinking I should wait until a special occasion, but life is uncertain. I might have to drink it myself. haha

I also haven't used any of my gift card to the restaurant. I've heard it is an excellent place to eat. I suppose I could treat one of my friends around here. Some of my family members informed me that I need to save that card for their next visit.

Speaking of the family, I'm going to travel home soon and see everyone and also do some things to my house. I've got to do some remodeling in the near future and I have to go look it over and figure out what all is going to be done. I think that several of my family members are coming to see me in mid march so we can do some fun stuff while my sister's kids are on spring break. I hope they do come out. There's a lot to do here.

Well, I am going to take my clothing designing hiney into second life and get some more stuff into the shop.

Have a good one! See you cats on the flipside...

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