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2010-03-05 - 5:54 p.m.


It is almost time for the wearin-o-the-green, so I made a costume in Second life to sell for the holiday. It's a sexy little green number with a short flexi skirt that bounces and moves with the avatar and with a couple of accessories that are scripted to do things. The giant wobbly flexi hat emits an explosion of shamrocks when clicked and the pot-o-gold emits an explosion of gold coins when clicked. As you can see, my ad board making skills are improving. I'm pretty pleased. It's hard to get noticed on the exchange though. I'm hoping it gets some notice before St. Paddy's Day. I also released just the hat. That can be worn by a guy or a girl.

Here is a picture of my vendor board for the costume:

And here is the ad board for just the hat:

In other news... I am being called by headhunters left and right and I spoke with one yesterday that may have a really good opportunity for me. It's doing just the part of the job that I like to do, which is the coding and reimbursement part, and the job is close to where I live, so I would not have to move. I am hoping this one works out, because it would be nice to be gainfully employed before I run totally out of benefits. I did get word that I will receive an extension on those benefits, so if this doesn't work out I'm still ok. I would like to be off as long as I can and then ease into a job doing what I like to do close to here so I don't have to move. I might just pull this off.

I am wanting to go see a movie. I might take myself to a matinee tomorrow. Maybe. Depending on how I feel when I wake up. I want to see "Shutter Island" and I think I'd like to see "Alice in Wonderland".

I didn't get much sleep last night and workers showed up bright and early this morning wanting me to move my car so they could park their machinery there for the day of work on the complex's swimming pool. ::Sigh:: Just what I love to do... go outside the moment I wake up to move my car. I survived, but it wrecked my chance of sleeping in. I have this annoying habit of waking up at like 6:30 in the morning sometimes. It really annoys me when this happens on a Saturday. I guess it shouldn't matter to me since every day is the weekend for my sabbatical loving self. hehehe

Ok kids, I'm off to the races. Or to cook some chicken. Yes, definitely the chicken.

I'm doing a stir fry with chicken, onions, red pepper, shitake mushrooms, and pineapple. I'll stir fry it and then mix up a little teriyaki sauce to go in there and have it over some rice. I'm hungry right now, but everything is chopped and ready.

Later Gators!

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