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2010-03-18 - 4:44 p.m.

Well, I've been snagged. Caught, captured, signed, sealed, & delivered... I'm once again gainfully employed. This is both good and bad, I ain't gonna lie. I loved my little sabbatical and I think there is more non-working fun left to be had, so with great sadness I return to the rat race. I had to start looking in earnest for a new job, because the only thing that's less fun than working is being broke and I don't want to go there. My benefits were getting close to the end, so I had to find a real job. ::Sigh::

My online endeavors have gone pretty well and I've seen an increase in my sales and my inventory. I am making money in there, but not enough to support me. I do make enough to pay my land tier fees and then some though. I made a nice little wad of money on my St. Patrick's Day costume. People bought the hell out of that. They bought the shamrock hat a lot too. I actually climbed up the sales ranking and made number 329 on the sales ranking. That's like having a #10 song on the top 40. Not a number 1, but a good success. I immediately made an Easter costume and threw that out there hoping to repeat the St. Paddy's success.

Someday, I'll make as much at that as I make in my day job. It will happen if I don't lose interest.

The new job is a really good find if one simply must work. I will be doing just the part of the job I like the most, the coding, and I will be getting more money than I made on my last 2 jobs. The base salary is more than I've made on my last 2 jobs, plus there is a bonus that happens if they meet their goals and the bonuses have been paid every year that the boss is aware of. So that will be cool. The bonus amounts to a lot of spendy cash, as it is 7% of the annual salary. I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that. They also have 401K with matching and they are part of a large financially sound company.

The interview was... interesting. The recruiter warned me that the lady who would be interviewing me is "not warm and fuzzy". This is going to be my boss. When I met her, she was sort of rapid fire with her questions and she challenged everything I said. She sort of argued with me and said she doesn't believe in my philosophies at all and she kept demanding that I tell her something she doesn't already know. At some point, I just decided to throw down, so I backed my ears and argued her all the way down. I supported my side of the argument and since I know of what I speak, she could not trip me up. I'm a consultant for Pete's sake!! I know my shizz, yo. She had interrupted me rather rudely when I was trying to answer a question, so I told her that if she doesn't be quiet and let me set up what I'm saying, she won't understand the answer. She sat back in her chair, threw her arms up and said FINE!!! SET IT UP! GO AHEAD!

So I did. I laid it out for her in terms she couldn't deny and when I got done she said "Well, you can start any time you want to as far as I'm concerned." Then she laughed and said "I'll tell you one thing, none of the others would have sat there and argued with me like YOU just did!" We had a laugh and she told me she has to have someone strong in there who cannot be thrown off. I guess she was giving me the trial by fire approach.

I am happy about the job and unhappy about giving up my freedom. I am a little worried about that lady's strong personality as she may become a problem for me later. I figure I'll just do the best I can and if I hate it, I'll bide my time until I can either support myself with my virtual sales or until I find a different job. Maybe it will all go well. I hope so. I'm a little worried about it all.

I had a horrible, horrible, no good, totally bad nightmare about my one little chicken, my onlyest child, Binky. I dreamed she had been diagnosed with a horrible disease that would kill her and there was nothing that could be done. I woke up very upset from this dream and immediately looked at my phone to see if I had missed calls while my ringer was off. I had missed calls from her. I listened to the voicemail and she was crying and saying she needed to talk to me. After a quick coronary, I called her and she didn't answer. I was contemplating getting in my car and driving the 5 hours when the phone rang. She has food poisoning, we think. She has been barfing and .... other things.. but it looks like she's going to pull through. She just needed some mom comfort. It's times like these that make me regret being so far away. We had a nice chat, interrupted by a few trips to the bathroom on her part. Poor little chicken. That's how connected I am to her though. I must have known in my spirit that something was wrong with her. I'm glad it's something as relatively harmless as a yucky old bout of food poisoning.

And now, despite the yucky topic...I am hungry and it's time to cook up some hot food.

I've tried to squeeeeeze all the goodie out of this last week of sweet freedom. It's almost over. ::sob:: Next Monday I'll be navigating new waters. Again.

Later gators.. I'll keep you posted.

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