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2010-03-23 - 10:29 a.m.

I am blogging from my phone. They are absolutely trying to make me work. Not too much yet though. My work station hasn't been set up, so I have no computer, phone, email, passwords, or access codes yet. Not such a bad problem to have, I'd say. I will look back on this idleness with fond longing in the near future as I jump through my butt trying to keep 3 hospitals coded. I have learned a lot about my new workplace. For one thing, we have an awesome coffee station with a Keurig coffee maker and a giant selection of coffees, creamers, and teas. It's really spectacular. I also have heard tales of many loud fits thrown by my new boss. She apparently is given to quite vigorous displays from time to time. I am going to attempt to avoid being the target of this as much as possible, but I'm bound to catch some of it. I'm going to try to not let it bother me. Pray for me. I don't generally suffer fools gladly. There is also a disgruntled ex employee who has threatened to come back and mow down a bunch of people. I had noticed a big police presence around here so I asked just how dangerous is this area. heh. I think I'd better go volunteer to do something around here. I've been observed playing with my phone a lot today. Thank goodness for this phone. It's like a tiny computer and I have been able to entertain myself with it for 2 days while I've had nothing to do. Catch you later, gators.

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