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2010-03-30 - 8:58 a.m.

Here is me, blogging from my phone again. Modin, I would think you probably can blog from your iphone. My workstation is set up now, but I have to have about a half dozen log-ins to get into the systems I'll be using and I'm getting nothing but errors and assorted roadblocks. The IT lady is sitting there trying to figure it out. So far, things are pretty nice around here. It seems to be a pleasant work environment and there is a bit of freedom that appeals to me. For example, they say they don't care what time we come in, as long as we put in our 8 hours. That is such a nice change from the last place that had a meeting every morning at 8 am. That's just plain ridiculous in a big city where the traffic is so unpredictable. Here, they don't usually schedule meetings for earlier than 9:30. That's the goodness, right there. So, I took up a new hobby. Inspired by that new show on NBC called 'Who do you think you are?', I decided to trace my geneology and I joined a geneology website. I want to just spill what all I found, but I don't want my whole extended family to discover my blog while they google these crazy characters I've uncovered in our family tree. So I may have to misspell the names to avoid a googletastrophe. I have only scratched the surface, but I've already discovered several famous historical people and kee-razy situations. One of my ancestors was a famous trader who lived among the cherokee, took a wife, and had a bunch of cherokee kids with really interesting names. There is a beautiful cherokee princess in the family tree who was the mother of a famous indian. There are museums and schools named for him. There is a famous ancestor who was a knight and whose picture was painted on the ceiling of the library room in the vatican! My granny's great grandpa fled Ireland during the potato famine because the tax man was after him! One of my ancestors was a beloved mayor who saved his city in medievil times and then died of the plague. There is a monument to him in England. It's all very fascinating. That's all in my dad's lineage. There's no telling what I'll turn up on mom's side. Well, I guess I'll go see what I can do around here. Not too much, I suspect. heh

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