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2010-05-09 - 10:53 p.m.

Well, you always know when I've got stuff going on. I forget to update for long periods of time.

I've been having what can best be described as a "trial by fire" at my new job. The very interesting character who interviewed me with rapid fire, demanding questions that she argued with my answers about proved herself to be a rapid-fire, demanding boss who argues a lot and does a fair amount of yelling and other rather entertaining displays of over-the-top antics. The upside is that it is SO over-the-top that I don't take it personally.

I came into a tremendous backlog of work left by the person I took over for. The boss has been in a mad panic for me to magically have that mess cleaned up and be perfectly in control of everything that comes my way for my 3 count em 3 hospitals that I am responsible for.

I'm happy to report that I have done that and now it is all easily manageable for me, but it took a couple of weeks to get there and the whole while she was going 100% ape-shit every single day. It was nuts. I thought she was finding me all kinds of lacking and at the end of the really bad first week, she came to me and told me I was doing an awesome fantastic job. I thought she was going to yell at me for something else I had no control over. But no, it was time for some high praise.

I have since learned from the recruiter that placed me there that the boss likes me extra much and thinks I do a great job. Of course I do fully realize that this whole love vibe could go kerflooey at any moment. Maybe right smack in the middle of a verse of Kumbaya. I do not know what exactly to expect from her but we did go out to dinner one night to discuss the payment system we operate under and we talked about our lives and all kinds of things and she has been a kinder gentler boss since that night. Now if I can just stay on her good side.

Aside from the precariousness of my livelihood here, I absolutely love the job. I work in a fabulous building, with fabulous perks, I can choose my own hours to an extent, I love the work itself, we have a lot of little bells and whistles that make it pleasant to work there, and they pay me well. Also, major perk here - I only have to do the part of the job that I love the most. It's do-able, I'm not too overloaded that I can't keep up. It's just great. I feel fortunate.

If it doesn't last or if I somehow get on the boss's bad side and my life becomes miserable, I can always get another job. I hope to make this one last a long time though, because I really like it. I hear tell they really give raises here. I'm interested in seeing if they do that for me. In most of the jobs I've had, regular raises didn't happen. They were always talked about, but never materialized. That's why I negotiate hard when I start a new job. I never believe the raises will come. I negotiate for what I'll be happy with whether the raise happens or not.

I'm hungry. I need to go get a snack and get ready for bed. I washed all my bedding and the whole fluffy thing smells like heaven. I love my bed.

I hope all the moms had a great mother's day. Tool is going to be touring and the Houston date is going to be right on Father's Day! The ONE day in the whole summer that I would have a problem with! I guess I'll be missing Maynard this time around. Unless I win tickets. In which case I'll have to squirrel out on my dad, or take him with me. haha

Here's some tickets to see Tool, Dad. HAPPY FATHERS DAY! hmmmm... he made me go to the circus when I was a kid... turn about is fair play...

I love my Dad. And my mom too. And all my family. And friends. And my dog. etc, infinity...

Speaking of Dad... he is still cancer free! He just had his check up last week and he's still cancer free. Thank God.

I'm feeling pretty happy about everything. :-)

Later gators!

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