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2010-05-30 - 3:39 p.m.

OK. Time for an update. Way past time, actually. I have been loving life here lately. I have won over Screamy McYell, my new boss. I invited her out to dinner and talked to her about what I do and where I got my education for it. I learned from the people who make the rules in my field and I have the manuals and seminar info to back up every single thing I do. If ever anyone has a question, I can answer it and prove that it's correct. Her hiney is on the line, so she needs to know for a fact that she can trust what I am telling her. We also talked about our lives and many things other than work and after this meeting we have been friends and colleagues. So it's all good. This could all go terribly wrong somehow, I'm sure, but for now, everything is great and I feel very stable in my position.

I finally decided to trade in my car and I bought myself a brand new Kia Sorento. You know that commercial with the sock monkey that drives around and rides the mechanical bull? That's my new car. I got the silver one. It is fabulous. It has a push button starter, dual air that you can choose your temperature by the degree, and black leather interior. Very sharp. I wanted something that rides up high and this does. I love driving it. I did some serious finagling with the sales people and ended up getting a really good deal. I dealt directly with the general manager and got him to the price I wanted. The first day I looked at it, I acted like a looky loo who could afford a car but was not sure I wanted to buy. I let them lead me down the garden path for a ways and even talk price a little... until they could taste the sale on the tip of their very tongues... and then I left.

They called me in a couple days. I didn't return the call. They called again with an offer. I didn't respond. They called with a better offer and I called back. We negotiated and I ended up telling the manager that I was not going to buy a car from him unless it seemed like a really super good deal to me. Sticker price is not a good deal as far as I'm concerned and 1,000.00 off is not much better than sticker price in my opinion. I told him I wasn't really interested in buying a car right now and I would just wait.

At one point, he asked me if I could come down on a Saturday to test drive and talk money again and see if he could "earn" my business. I said I would, but it would be in the afternoon sometime. He said he didn't mean to rush me, but another couple was interested in the silver one I had chosen. I said "Sell it to them. I'm not really in the market anyway. If it's not there when I get there I'll figure it wasn't meant to be." (I'm a nightmare for car salesmen.) The manager called me up and promised me the car at the price I wanted, so I went over at 1 pm and made the deal. But when I got into the finance office, the finance guy tried to pull a fast one. The manager and I had figured up a payment amount based ont he figures we had and we were just guessing at the interest rate. I qualified for a lower interest rate than that, so I knew the payment would actually be less than we had calculated, so I noticed that the salesman, the manager, and the finance guy all talked about the price in terms of the payment amount rather than the overall price and this alerted my spidey senses that a fast one was about to be pulled. Sure enough, the finance guy tried to inflate the original price to the point that the payment would be equal to the price he thought I was expecting for a monthly payment!! He was starting off with a substantially higher sale price for the vehicle! I knew he was going to try that and I called him on it. I wrote the price I was willing to pay on a slip of paper and pushed it across the desk to him and I said in a very quiet voice "Do the math starting with THIS price and let's see where my payment is really going to be."

He sat there for an extended moment, just staring at the paper like he had been gonged on the head with skillet. He didn't even argue. He had tried it, it didn't work, so he just caved.

When I got back to my original salesman, he looked at my final paperwork and said he had honestly never seen them give someone a Sorento for that low a price. haha

My mom is the queen of car negotiations and I must have paid attention when I was growing up.

I have the Binkster and her bunch visiting for Memorial Day weekend and they are back from the pool, so I must go now and entertain.

Have a great holiday weekend peoples!

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