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2010-07-25 - 9:46 p.m.

I can't believe I haven't made an entry since the end of May. Time flies when you're working your hiney off.

I like my schedule at work. I can go in whenever I want, but my boss asked me to wait until 10 am to go in on Mondays, because that gives my remote sites a chance to scan in the documentation I have to work from. I love the late hours because I like to sleep in until 8 am. It makes me happy. I feel rested.

I like the work I do and once again I am in a situation where I am one of only 2 people in the company who understands how to do what I do. That's a pretty good spot to be in. It doesn't guarantee protection from all the dangers of budget cuts and political maneuvering, but let's say I'm safer than the others who are more easily replaced. The corporate world is pretty cut-throat. I always have to think about things like that. I can always get another job though. The headhunter that placed me at this job stays in touch and can't wait to place me someplace else so he can get paid again. I'm a commodity to him, but that's ok, because it keeps my pooch in kibbles. It's a win-win situation.

I went to see Inception today. It was rather complex and I had unfortunately made the serious strategic misstep of ordering a ginormous coke just slammed full of slushy ice, which I chomped down as if it were not going to make me have to pee 3, count em, 3 times during the multi-level dream/action sequence. I normally just go straight into a movie and avoid being held up for the best part of 10 bucks to get 17 cents worth of coke and popcorn. It just offends my sensibilities to play into such an egregious rip off. Once in a blue moon I'll play along and be a grudging victim to the craziness.

I'm illogically frugal about some things and extravagant about others. It's about fairness, I think. I don't mind paying a lot for very fine linens, but it annoys me to pay 8.75 for a small bag of popcorn and a drink.

Here in Houston, we've had the rare occurrence of a corpse flower blooming at the Museum of Natural Science. They named her "Lois" and predicted that she would blossom out to her full stinky glory by last weekend. It didn't happen, but thousands of people paid to see her during the anticipatory week. As time rolled on, they started calling her "Slowis", because she was definitely taking her time to fulfill her destiny. They had a stink-o-meter set up to track the stank. As it happens, "Slowis" didn't bloom, really. She just got to a certain point and then started to wilt. I was planning to go see and smell her, but then when she started to wilt I lost my will to go fight for a parking spot and stand in a long line with a bunch of sweaty people only to see a wilted flower that smells like ass. So what had been pretty much a bucket list event for me went sour and became something I didn't even want to do in the end. I did get to watch it progress on a live web cam. There was another stink-flower blooming elsewhere. This one was named "Perry" and it bloomed nicely.

Lois is in a complete state of wilt at this point. Her phallic center thing that stuck up many feet in the air is now hanging limply along with her sad, sad petals. I was hoping she would bloom out fully so I could go over and take pictures. Ah... maybe next time.

I cannot believe the weekend is gone already. It's time to go back to work and code like the wind for another week.

Is anyone watching "True Blood" these days?

Love. That. Show.

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