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2010-10-24 - 4:59 p.m.

Here is me, after another one of my unannounced absences. I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. I just had a nice weekend with my sister, known around here as Myramains. She does not post a thing on her blog anymore and I wish she would. I like to read her stuff. Few people can make me laugh as much as she can. Even when she is not trying to make me laugh, I find her funny. That must be really annoying for her at times. Mostly she likes my amusement with her, but once in a while... like the time she was about to drop calf and the lab tech could not for the life of her get the IV line in correctly, I laughed my ass off because on the 4th needle stick, my sister made this face that just said it all. I could see that she was about one needle stick away from physical violence towards the inept lab tech. That dummy stuck her in the back of the hand 4 times. The whole incident was substantially less funny to Myra than it was to me.

I was sad to see the family roll out today. It was nice to have them around for the weekend. We used to all live together in Louisiana and then I busted up the groove by moving away. I didn't plan to attend Buzzfest this time, because I am still "all festival'd out" after the last Buzzfest where I almost had a heat stroke, was on my period, and came dangerously close to beating the ass of one unpleasant meaty-backed heifer that was blocking my view and expecting me to be totally ok with it. That was a rough day, mostly because of the heat and having to visit the restroom every half hour or so. Mr. Philly was with me and since you can't bring a bag of any kind into the festival, he had to be a tampoon dispenser all day long. Thank goodness he had on cargo pants. Lots of roomy pockets for all my girly needs.

Yesterday was Buzzfest again and the line up was great, as always. I didn't even consider buying tickets, but when we were out last night, we just happened to be close to the venue where all the magic happens. We could hear the music and the crowds and decided to park and walk up to press our noses to the gate and cop a free listen. We heard Sick Puppies and then we listened to Godsmack's entire set. They were awesome. We were kinda wishing we could just go in. Godsmack was headlining so the show was almost over. If we had happened by earlier, we might have paid and gone in. I found a good parking spot and everything. If I had bought tickets, I would have parked in Timbuktu and trudged for an eternity like it was the trail of tears. Who'da thunk we'd ever get a good parking spot?!?

We went to the museum of natural science and saw the butterfly museum. It's fun to do and my little niece had a great time. She desperately wanted some butterflies to land on her. They have a bug museum with lots of terrariums full of awful little creatures. There is a vending machine that sells real larvae and crickets to eat. They are roasted with seasonings. My nephew got a box of mexican spiced larvae and we all tried it. BLECCCHH. I thought I could do it, but I couldn't get past the thought of it being a bug. So nasty.

There are a couple of large cases full of butterfly cocoons that are in all stages of development. We saw a butterfly pop out of it's cocoon and we saw the lady come and gather the rest of the ones that were out of their cocoons with dry wings and ready to be set free inside the arboretum or whatever they call the big fabulous habitat they've created there. It's a big, multi-level terrarium-like structure that is full of beautiful tropical plants and trees. There's a big waterfall in there. The temperature is kept constantly at a good warm humid setting for tropical plants and butterflies from all over the world. The whole place is alive and moving with butterfly activity. Everywhere you look you can see a colorful butterfly, or a mass of them. You walk amongst the butterflies in their habitat and sometimes they land on you. There are many photo ops to be had.

There is a big fat lizard that lives out there. His name is Charro. He's orange, but he is called a "Green Iguana". He looks prehistoric. I read that as they age, they lose the green coloring and they either go brown or orange. So I guess he's older. He has a big cage to be in when a lot of people are about, but they let him have the run of the place when the crowds are thin. I've seen him outside of his cage. He's very slow moving. Our visit to the butterfly museum made for a very nice outing and then we ate German food at our favorite German restaurant. After that, Buzzfest. Nice day, all in all.

Like every weekend, I wish there were more days in the weekend and less days in the work week. I might be getting my wish!! My boss is trying to get the powers that be to agree to letting all of us coders choose a 4 day work week if we want to. We will hopefully be able to choose between a regular 5 day week, or working 4 ten hour days. I would love to do 4 tens. I'm hoping this new schedule is in place right away. I need to be off next Friday no matter what because I'm traveling next weekend.

I hope all is well with you peeps.

Catch you later!

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