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2010-12-12 - 12:19 p.m.

So, Turkey Dinner One is behind us and Turkey Dinner Two is a couple of weeks in the future and this is the time of the year when I realize with horror that I have none of my Christmas shopping done and it's practically time to open these as of yet unpurchased gifts.

As always... I managed to find a gift for myself while I was out fruitlessly trying to shop for my ever-lengthening Christmas shopping list. I bought myself a Wii, of all things. I could have spent 10K on stuff I wanted yesterday. When people ask me what I want I tend to go blank, but when I'm Christmas shopping, I want it all. I don't even wear jewelry and I saw this gorgeous ring that was a mere $5,999.00. That's not the sort of thing one buys for herself, but it was soooo sparkleyyyy. I was not in any way tempted to drop 6K on that ring, but I did see some flannel sheets, some really nice cookware, cutlery sets, and these Bose headphones that I was EVER so tempted to buy... I'd kinda like to have a TomTom... I have a thing for linens and towels and could spend a fortune any day of the week on that stuff. Most of the time I don't think there is anything I want but when I get in Christmas shopping mode, something just snaps.

So I put the Wii system in my cart and I told Mr. Philly, who is here on one of his bi-annual visits, "I'm just going to let this Wii system ride in my cart for awhile and see if we bond". We totally bonded and Mr. Philly had the pleasure of hooking the whole thing up and figuring out how to make it do what I got it for which is pretty much just streaming things from Netflix! After all that trouble, we chose a movie off Netflix and I promptly fell asleep and missed the whole thing. I mean, I know nothing of this film after "watching" it. This is how I roll. I watch movies with my eyes closed.

I do realize there are other, perhaps cheaper little gadgets that you can buy to stream Netflix, but I think some of those Wii games are pretty fun and it's a good thing to have when the various little ankle biters come to visit. The Wii does some other cool stuff too. You can surf the web and watch internet TV through it. One could exercise with it, if one were so inclined. A happy purchase, all in all.

I had a dream last night that was rather typical of me, I must say. I dreamed that I was on my way to climb Pike's Peak in the Rocky Mountains and I was with a bunch of people. It had been my idea to go and I'd had to do a lot of lobbying to get everyone on board. So when we were almost there, I realized to my utter shock and horror, that I was wearing a dress, open toe high heels, and a light wrap, rather than the parka and other gear I would need for a winter mountain hike. Furthermore, my cell phone was almost out of battery and this was the only camera I had thought to bring. So I was totally unprepared. I was too embarrassed to speak up and decided to just tough it out and be cold and uncomfortable for the day.

With dreams like that, who needs a day job, right? I can get all my stress and fear in the comfort of my own bed. No need to go out into the cruel world to find it.

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