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2011-01-02 - 5:53 p.m.

Happy New Year!!

Let me see if I can pull together a little retrospective of 2010.

On the job front, the year 2010 started out with the delicious little sabbatical known as "unemployment" I had been terminated Right at the end of October 09 because I had demonstrated brazen insubordination by contracting the H1N1 virus and staying home for a full week on doctor's orders.

Apparently the *hospital* I was working for actually wanted me to come in with my 103 degree temperature, inability to breathe and stay alert, and highly contagious potentially deadly virus. Those caring healers didn't feel it would be a problem to expose all this to their hospital full of immunity compromised, severely weakened and already sick patients. The work I do gets hospitals paid, so they really don't care if I bring death to their patients as long as they get paid on time. Sadly, the speediest deposit of the almighty dollar means more to them than human life.

So the genius they put in charge over there terminated my employment, totally failing to consider that I might go on unemployment and have a great sabbatical for the next 6 months. That is exactly what I did and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I did my required job searches, but somehow was utterly unable to find work. Pity.

Spring was magical, what with all the free time and lack of rat race. I have a good emergency fund and much to my delight I found that my state pays a substantial amount for unemployment and since I endeavor to live below my means, my unemployment pretty much covered my expenses. I was able to financially tread water while having a lengthy break from the working world.

When my time off was coming near an end, I found a good job doing exactly what I like to do. I am a remote coder for a large medical company. Unfortunately, they won't allow me to do my work from home, although they totally could. The boss over there is a control freak and she imagines that we will do a better job if she can walk amongst us coders and intimidate us. I guess that may be true of some of the coders, but I am not really intimidated by her since all she can really affect in my life is whether or not I work at that particular office. I am contacted frequently by headhunters searching desperately for someone to do what I do. I would just get another job. After another lengthy sabbatical!

I like my job, but my real goal is to be a remote coder who works from home. I have learned some software applications that I did not know before and I can now add to my resume that I have worked as a remote coder, so this is good progress for reaching my ultimate goal. I am looking around a little and when I find a position that will give me what I'm looking for, I'll be going for it. I might do 2 jobs at once for a while to make sure it is as good as I imagine it will be before I jump. I could code at night for a while.

My Dad had a year of no cancer after successfully beating his disease into remission, and he is still fine and healthy as far as we know. We have all had strep and various horrible viruses here lately, but over all, I think we're all ok. I received the not so great news that my hypoglycemia has made a slide into diabetes-land, but I can control it with diet and exercise. I am able to easily avoid sugar, but I have more difficulty avoiding starches. It is do-able though.

My sister got married to a nice fellow who has 3 kids. She has 2 kids. There are many jokes about the brady bunch. They are not funny jokes. May the force be with them.

In the words of Forest Gump: "That's all I have to say about thaayaat."

I read the book "Eat Pray Love" and it was a great book. Read it, women.

I am still living in my beautiful little forest community and I love it here. I have stayed in my happy apartment and signed yet another lease. My lease is up at the end of May and conveniently, that coincides with the time when my house in Louisiana is supposed to become empty as my sister moves off to be closer to a part of Louisiana that can best be described as "the asshole of the world". I don't have any plans to move back into my house, but it could happen if circumstances go that way. I will probably rent it out again, and there is some possibility I could sell it and buy a house here, but I am completely up in the air about those decisions. I think it is good that I own a house free and clear in this economy, so I'm not too keen to sell it.

I think 2011 will be a year for me to get my meditation on and do some things towards furthering my serious life goals. I want to arrange my life so that my job can be totally performed on a laptop so that I can be mobile and well paid. I like the idea of working from various locations and I want a summer home in Colorado. That's my big wish and goal for the future. A summer home in Colorado please. I want to grow cherries and plums. There you have it.

So... it is time for me to find some dinner around here so I guess that means I've said everything I need to say about 2010.

May you all have a happy and blessed 2011.


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