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04/12/11 - 9:45 am

My company has been bought by a bigger company and it is bringing a mixed bag of new situations. I think I will be fine if I can make it to the merger closing with my job intact. It's looking pretty good for me right now, but there are a few unpleasant side effects. The big boss is leaving - forced out, as it were. This is kind of good, because she frequently causes problems and extra work that is totally unnecessary. She is one of those people who knows just enough to be dangerous. I like her as a person, but I'm glad to see her go. One of the managers who has been under her thumb is now salivating over her perceived new dose of power. As a result, she has turned into even more of a jackass than she already was. Quite a feat, considering what a world class jackass she was before. She has now decided that my schedule that was assigned to me from the big boss (who is leaving)is unacceptable. It was a schedule I loved and don't want to lose. I was working 10 to 6 and now I have to come in at 9 instead. I am basically ok with it, but it annoys me that this dillweed saw fit to mess with my routine for absolutely no reason except "because she can". I have some cool plans for her though. Haha

Anyhoooo... I almost wish I would get laid off so I could go on unemployment. I'm feeling a little burned out lately. I'd like a break. However, there is an excellent chance that I will get to work from home starting around the end of the year and that's my goal so for now I'm chillin and trying to make it to the merger. Just like on Survivor.

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