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2011-06-05 - 6:03 p.m.

I'm having a lazy weekend. I haven't done anything or gone anywhere whatsoever. I am contemplating going to the grocery store. It's 99 degrees outside right now and I'm not sure I really need anything all that badly. I am out of cream for my coffee and I'm almost out of salt. Usually when I run out of salt or tin foil I can't remember to buy it again for several trips. I usually have to rough it for a while once I run out of those things. Maybe I'll just go buy me some salt. It could happen.

I feel restless. I am bored with the routine of going to work everyday. I will probably be ok tomorrow. I will be busy with a whole bunch of admits and I like the hectic pace of Monday. I don't have time to be bored until about Wednesday.

I wish everything was open all the time. I have forty-eleven things to do that require my presence sometime between 8-5 mon-fri only. That just so happens to encompass the time that I am at work. I don't have enough PTO to get everything done. I had to take off Friday to take care of some of that business, but it took all day and I only got one thing checked off my ridiculous to-do list. I am not great at handling the little details of life. I need a personal assistant. Seriously.

I am definitely going to have to start playing the lottery. I mean, I want to win the lottery, but apparently you have to play in order to win.

There's always a catch, right?

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