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2011-07-12 - 12:18 a.m.

I'm taking a little weekend trip and I'm leaving my pooooor lil pup, Dexter, in the much dreaded kennel establishment. I did some research and found a place that has a good reputation and I believe they will take good care of my chi-baby. He's a little bit temperamental and I think that might have had something to do with the bad case of the runs he had last time I kenneled him, but I am hoping for a better experience this time. They have a vet on staff there, and they take the doglets out in a grassy courtyard to play 3 times a day. It's not the same kennel I tried before. I hope he isn't miserable the whole time.

I am finally going to get to spend a long weekend in Colorado. I grew up there and I bitterly hated leaving. I love where I live now, but there does exist the wee, small possibility that I will just uproot and move to Colorado. I have been thinking that way since I found out I will be working from home and my company doesn't care where that home is. I can move anywhere. I did a little real estate search and the first house to pop up for sale was ... my childhood home!! The very house I grew up in! Is that a sign from heaven, or what? Right after that, I got the opportunity to go for a weekend visit, so I am going to be in God's country for the weekend. I'm excited.

My ultimate dream is to live in Colorado in a house that is off the grid, with solar panels and a windmill for energy, growing bing cherries and black plums on my property. Yeah buddy. Some people want mansions and jewels... I want cherries and plums and a cool climate. Is that so wrong?


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