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2011-07-24 - 9:25 a.m.

Well, I made it out to Colorado and I had a great time in that most beautiful of states. I arrived on July 13th, just bare moments after a huge hail storm took out 18 planes from my airlines' fleet. It was golf ball sized hail, and it knocked holes in the airplane wings! I saw this all on the news that night in my hotel, but it didn't really cross my mind that my flight home would be cancelled or anything. But cancelled it was! I found out my flight was cancelled when I went to check in online for my flight home. I had to call the airline and wait on hold. The first time I called, the hold time was estimated at 58 minutes. I thought that was probably because everyone was trying to call at that moment and if I waited a few hours until most people are sleeping, the wait time would be shorter. Wrongo. When I called back the wait time was estimated at 2 hours and 19 minutes! I decided to call in the morning. At 5 am, the wait time was down to 37 minutes, so I sat there on hold for 37 minutes. They gave me a new flight for a day later than I had intended to go home. Being stuck in Colorado is a pretty primo problem to have so I wasn't too terribly devastated, but I did feel badly about my friend at work who has to cover for me if I am absent. Mondays are crazy for us and I was going to miss a busy Monday. Also, my tiny companion, Dexter, would have to be in the kennel for an extra day or two and he did not do well the one time I kenneled him before.

While I was waiting in line to get checked in for my flight home, the people in front of me were complaining that their flight had been changed 4 times and they were just hoping to really get on a flight that day. That rattled me a little, because I didn't know if it was a stand by situation that might not work out for me and my ride had already left the airport. It all worked out though and I was able to get on the plane. My trip home was pretty easy, except for this miserable screaming kid that was in the row right in front of me. This human siren and it's two useless parents kept unholy havoc going on the whole flight. These two people had not one clue of how to distract, quiet, amuse, or occupy a baby. They possessed not one animal cracker or lollipop. They looked around like they had no idea what could ever be done with a screaming baby. Thank God for earbuds and a working volume control. I watched a movie and kept it loud enough to mostly drown out the noise of the precious little angel.

I was in Denver the first night, and then went up to Estes Park, which is a beautiful place. I hope to get a summer place there one of these days. Everywhere you look it is pretty like a postcard. They were having a heat wave, but it felt cool and comfortable to me since the humidity is very low. It is cool in the shade, no matter how high the temperature is. There is snow on the mountains so you can always escape the heat by going up a mountain. I just love me some Colorado.

Here are a few of my pictures, taken on my awesome phone cam:

This little furry dude is a "Marmot". They are all over the place in Colorado. This little guy was checking us out as much as we were checking him out. He was chewing something and looking very casual and unafraid. I think he's used to tourists giving him things to eat. I took a bunch of pictures of him. One time he ducked completely behind the rock just as I snapped. But he came back out and struck a few more poses.

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