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2011-08-13 - 4:01 p.m.


Hmmm...I made it sound all earth shattering and important and the truth is that it's probably not going to play out that way in this entry, but I do think it's time to ramble on a bit so here goes:

I have made it well past the merger of my company being eaten by a much larger company. I am now one little cog in a ginormous wheel. We have over 75,000 employees. I am hoping some seriously upgraded benefits will go with that kind of buying power. We shall see. Benefits don't change until the end of the year.

Also at the end of the year I will be bringing my work computer, complete with 2 huge monitors to set up shop in my home. This is something I have had as my 5 year goal for only a couple of years at most, so I'm making a 5 year goal quite a bit ahead of schedule. I hope it works out well for me and I don't discover that working at home is like a slow, boring death. I am expecting to be filled with joy at being able to roll out of bed and make my living without having to apply makeup, fix hair, and commute. I want to spend 8 hours at making a living and have the rest of my day and night as my own. That's the good stuff.

Mercury is retrograde right now (from August 3rd to August 26th)and the retrograde periods are significant for a tendency towards accidents and malfunctions. It's not a good time to go on trips, sign contracts, or buy a new vehicle. Things can go wrong with your gadgets and your travel plans. As astrological luck would have it, I have had a few upsets with my gadgets and travels plans. Last weekend, I went to retrieve my little niece for a weekend of crazy fun times. All was well until Saturday afternoon when we found ourselves stranded in town center with my 2011 SUV making like a large door stop. I pushed the button on my push button ignition, and nothing happened. This has happened a time or two before and I thought it was my button pushing technique. So I unpushed the button, waited a minute, and tried again... Zip. Nada. The wee sidekick was starving and was convinced that no one had ever been that hungry and lived to tell about it and conveniently enough, we were stalled right in front of a pizza place. The smell of pizza *may* have had something to do with the extreme hunger situation. Since I am a "yes" kind of Aunt, we went in the pizza place to have dinner and then figure out our transportation troubles at some later point in the day. When I went outside after dinner, the car started like nothing was wrong with it. We went home to get Dexter so we could take him to petsmart, and when we got back in the car and I pushed the button... just guess what happened. If you guessed "nothing" you are correct! We spent the rest of the weekend stranded at my apartment with a dead car in the driveway. I got out my car manual and tried to troubleshoot the problem. I tried everything I could think of and nothing worked. I was going to call the roadside assistance number and have my car towed to the dealership on Monday morning. Turns out, I didn't have to do that because my car cranked on Monday morning as if nothing had ever been wrong. ::flat stare:: I took it to the dealership anyway, because I didn't trust it anymore and they quickly found that my "brake switch" was faulty. It was replaced and I was ready to go. I called my boss to let her know I would be on time, but I did have my niece with me for the day. She surprised me by telling me that I couldn't bring the kid to work with me. Strange... seeing as how she brings her daughter to work with her pretty often. Somehow it's different for me, so I had no choice but take the day off. Silly, silly people. We were able to take Dexter to Petsmart after all. We watched an awful lot of kid shows while we were stranded.

While my niece was here, we started noticing a bad smell that we couldn't find the source of. I was walking around sniffing things trying to determine where the faint "dog do on your shoe" smell was coming from. I checked my feet, her feet, Dexter's feet... no poo to be found. Dexter is a good boy and is absolutely house trained, so I just didn't know what was going on. After the weekend, the smell was getting worse and finally, after a few days of the mystery stench, I saw a yellowish puddle of yuck right by my front door and a trail of it running down the wall. I called maintenance and they found that there was a leak in the fire sprinklers on the second floor and it had run down inside the wall to my floor. They fixed it while I was at work yesterday, but they made a hole in the wall and one on the ceiling in my entryway. It looks awful. They said they are going to fix it this next week.

That's my two tales of mercury retro woe. All is well now. I have to go pick up our ceramics that have been fired at the local ceramic shop. That was one of our fun activities last weekend. We went to a ceramic shop and painted fat little pigs with colors that don't occur in natural pigs. Well, mine does.. I painted mine pink with red hearts all over it and she painted hers green with flowers and hearts and one fried egg that was supposed to be a flower but went terribly wrong. She was quite anxious to get her pig and it will be exquisite torture for her to know that I will have it. I am taking it to her next weekend when I see everyone for the big family birthday party. We have 3 August people with birthdays in the same week.

I'm thinking of moving into a 2 bedroom unit, since I will be working at home, but I am undecided about whether it's worth it to go through the hassle of moving just to get one more room. I'm also somewhat considering moving back into my house, since I own it free and clear and would not have any rent to pay. I could live in my house that is paid for and make my whole salary without ever using a penny on gasoline. Working from home will save me money on make up, clothes, gas, lunches out, etc. It will be like a raise. I could really get my living expenses down to a very low amount and still make all this money. It would be smart financially, but I really love living here. So my jury is still out.

Time to get going! I have to go get those pigs!

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