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2011-09-18 - 3:35 p.m.

Mercury retro is over... I've survived it. I have made a decision or two since my last entry. I decided against the 2 bedroom unit because it is a hassle that I don't need in my life right now and because the greedy folks in the business office here want more than 200 bucks a month more for 1 room more. I think that's ridiculous, so I declined their generous offer to bend me over the olde barrel and give it to me hard.

There is a new apartment complex being built just down the road that I may possibly move to. It is not thrilling my soul at the moment because the new complex looks a little congested to me. Once it is finished and I can see a demo model, I might get more excited about it. If it's a nice apartment with a decent price, I may move. I like the idea of all new appliances. I may be able to negotiate a great rate for a year because they will be trying to fill up a huge complex in which no units are filled.

My other option is to fix up my house in Louisiana and move into it. On one hand, I despise the thought of it. It is a smallish house with exactly what I don't want in it. It does not have high ceilings, walk in closets, or a garden tub. My apartment has all those things. I might sell my house and find a new house to buy. That seems daunting. I plan to make the final decision on that this fall. If I decide to live in it, I have to plan the remodel and let it take place while I am still here, under contract. Living in my old house has this benefit of not carrying a note or payment of any kind. That sucker is mine, free and clear. I make good money and if I were not paying a big rent payment, I could really live it up or save a lot for my future. Plus, I would be near my family. I like living in Texas though. I love love love having no state tax. I particularly like my community that I live in now. When I try to look at houses though, I feel confused and worried. I have been up in the air about all this stuff for a long time.

One thing I could do that seems like a pleasant thought, is to move back to Louisiana, sell my house, and buy a charming house that is perfect for me in the garden district (ritzy area) of my old town. I could lead a happy life there being near my family. The houses in the garden district are very charming. Some of them have a steep pitched roof and lots of gables. You can see turrets, and other unusual architectural details. Some of the houses are vast and some are smaller and cottage-like. There are some adorable houses over there.

My job is going to be portable. I will be working from my home office by the end of the year, unless there is some unforeseen hitch in the process, God forbid. So I can either stay right here, or move back to Louisiana... or to Colorado... or Timbuktu..

I am an indecisive Libra if ever there was one. Someday I will figure it out. Make a choice and go with it. Yeah.

I'm under lease until sometime next spring, so I won't be going anyplace until then. Unless that new complex offers me a deal I can't refuse and I have to take it before my lease is up.

I have discovered my local library and I was initially very happy about this until I realized that the hours of operation make it practically useless to me. They are entirely closed on Wednesdays and Sundays and they are closed by 5 pm every other day of the week except for Monday when they inexplicably stay open until 9 pm. I can only enter the library if I make it over there early in the day on Saturday or after work on Monday. Don't they know people have jobs? I'd rather them be open 3 days a week till 9 pm than 5 or 6 days a week till 5 pm.

I read a funny quote yesterday. Here it is:

Avant-Garde is french for Bullshit. ~John Lennon

And on that happy note I bid you a lovely evening.

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