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2011-11-17 - 9:26 p.m.

Good Grief! I haven't written since my birthday.

A thing or two has happened that could have been written about.

I am now single, whereas before I was part of a couple. There's my version, there's his version, and there's the actual truth. He knows about this blog and reads it, and I do not care to rehash it in a public forum, so I shall refrain from giving my version. Suffice it to say, I was right and he was wrong. haha

My niece, formerly known as Wibby Woo, before she had the ability to say the letter L, fell on her now 10 year old arm and busted it. She had a pretty bad break of the radius on her right arm. It was a bad thing at first, what with the blinding pain and agony and scary doctor stuff, but the situation has morphed into a sweet deal whereby she was able to miss some days of school, get lots of attention, and is now the most popular girl at school, since she gets to choose a "book buddy" to help her get around to classes every day. Everyone wants to be the book buddy. Things are swell in Libby Town. Soon, she gets to pick out a cast for her arm. Apparently a cast can be a fashion accessory these days. Libby is stoked about getting to choose one. The arm needed a couple of weeks to swell up and go back down before the cast can be applied. The doctor had to put her under anesthetic and re-break/reset the bone. What an ordeal!

Here's a little story that happened to me at the hands of an evil cable company. I wrote this little rant and posted it in a public forum to expose the ugly truth. I am going to cleverly disguise the name of the offending company:

Check your bill if you have service from Sudden-unlink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently, if they get one over on you and you don't notice quickly enough, they get to keep the spoils!! Lucky for them. It doesn't quite work that way for the rest of us, does it?

I have made many attempts to lower my cable bill through sudden-unlink. Every time I call them, they give me a confusing song and dance about how if I cancel any channels, my bill will actually go up. My cable bill is huge and nothing I do changes that sorry fact. I have returned a fancy DVR box which should have taken 16 bucks off my bill, but guess what? My bill is just as high as ever.

Today, while on a fact finding mission, I learned that they have been charging me for Showtime since April. I have never had Showtime, so this was a surprise indeed. Even to this very moment, I do not, have not, did not, EVER have Showtime. They've collected 96 bucks from me (plus tax!) for Showtime that they did not provide me. So I transferred to billing and asked for a refund for the charges for an item I didn't ask for and they didn't provide. I did not expect any guff at all, since I thought they were providing honest service. It's a no brainer that if you are billed for an item you did not purchase nor receive, you don't owe any money for it.

GUESS WHAT???????? They "can't" issue a refund for that, even though they did not provide the service they billed me for, because I should have known they were charging me and stopped them!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I failed as a customer and the penalty for that is that I have to pay them for services they didn't even provide. I did not know they were billing me for Showtime because my bill is paid through auto draft and it always stays around the same crazy obnoxious price range. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I became irate, to put it mildly, and demanded a refund. After some argument, it was determined that they could give me 1 month of refund, but the rest cannot be given back, since I didn't know they were doing it soon enough.

I became more irate, pointed out that I pay them around 2 grand a year and will continue to do so IF they do the right thing, which is NOT STEAL FROM ME. Apparently, no one at sudden-unlink has any authority to do anything. So I asked for the bosses' name and GUESS WHAT????? They don't give out the bosses last name. They told me the almighty harbinger of power over there is called "Cindy" and she doesn't have a last name. And, oh by the way, Cindy won't be in until November 21. No one who is available until Nov. 21, has any authority to do anything to help me.

After a while, the person I was talking to was inexplicably able to grant me 3 months of my money back for the product they never provided. She had previously told me it was not even possible to refund money past one month ago. Cannot be done. Turns out it can.

So now I am getting a credit for 48 of the 96 dollars they owe me. If only I had known to scour my bill for trickery... I could have avoided all this. Damn me and my lousy customership.

Check your bill if you are dealing with Sudden-unlink.

Now... can someone guide me on ideas for where I could get good internet and cable and possibly a land line in the bundle? Who is happy with their service? What else is available to us in Kingwood?

I recently listened to a sales pitch from Direct TV. Is Direct TV good or bad? What's the catch?

IRONICALLY... I was thinking about adding Showtime today. That rep on the phone could have credited me for the 96 bucks and then sold me a whole new package.

End of Rant.


Here's how that story ended: Someone from Sudden-unlink reads that forum and I looked her up and wrote to her directly. She often posts on threads where people are complaining about her company and offers to personally get with upper management and help resolve issues. The happy ending to this story is that she actually got it fixed for me!!! They are giving me every penny that they charged and collected from me for the showtime they didn't give me. I'm a happy camper.

Those companies have policies and procedures for stone-walling and refund avoiding. They tell you a refund "can't" be given. Because most people will give up and go away if the phone rep is adamant enough. I am onto their racket, so I'm not going anywhere until I get my damn money. They will give money back when they meet that rare person who won't shut up and go away. I now know that when anyone in my area has a problem with this company, if they are in the right, they can contact that girl and she can and will fix the problem. I think her job is damage control.

She's my new BFF.

Here's another example of the man trying to oppress me:

My apartment complex left a notice on my door and everyone else's door in my building and said there will be mandatory pest control, immediately. No opting out. They graciously gave everyone 1 day to get their pets kenneled off site and empty all the drawers, pantries, cupboards, and cabinets, and cover everything with sheets so they could spray inside all the apartments with bug poison. The notice said "Mandatory! This is not a request!" I'm thinking that doesn't sound quite right. Can they really legally be so demanding and invasive?

I'm allergic to bug poison and it makes me sick. Plus, I am afraid that it would kick up my asthma and I don't need that in my life. I don't have bugs anyway. So I turned in a little typed letter saying that I am allergic and asthmatic and cannot allow bug poison sprayed in my home. I posted a sign on the door telling them not to enter and not to treat with bug poison. I told the office people they could spray around the doors and windows on the outside, but nothing can be sprayed inside where I have to breathe.

I called today to make sure they weren't running amok in here. They know I have never allowed the bug spray guy in my home. I have virtually no insects in this apartment. I told them the only tiny scurrying thing they will find in my place is my dog and I don't want him sprayed.

They didn't force the issue. I guess they were just trying to bluff and make people think they had no choice. I do not like to be bullied.

That is a theme in my life these days.

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