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2011-12-14 - 12:18 a.m.

I had an appalling experience the other day and I feel the need to warn others. I got in the mood for a fried bologna sandwich just like I used to eat when I was a kid.


I picked up some Oscar Mayer bologna at the store. (oh yes, I'm naming names.) I brought it home, threw it in a hot skillet and guess what happened? It sort of melted. The package said it had no fillers and was real meat. Real meat doesn't so much "melt" into a gooey glop of sticky stuff. This bologna, if I can call it that, was a little thinner than I remember the bologna of yesteryear being. Something in it just sort of liquified into a sticky thick mess and there was no spearing the slice with a fork to flip it over. It had to be pried up with a spatula.

Yucky. Very yucky.

So today I swung by the store to pick up something for dinner and whilst I shopped, I noticed there was old fashioned bologna in the deli case. I had the attendant slice me a few slices of that and I abandoned my other vague dinner plan, instead scurrying off to my little abode with my thick sliced, old fashioned, deli bologna. I fried it up and I am happy to report that the stuff from the deli counter doesn't "melt".

I'm aware that bologna is made of lips and assholes, but at least the stuff from the deli counter doesn't melt.

That is all.

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