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2012-01-08 - 12:26 p.m.

We're a week in to the new year. I guess at this point most of the new year's resolutions have been dispensed with and it's business as usual.

The big boss did not show up last week to give us the great news we were expecting. Something came up at headquarters. What-everrrrr. There is nothing more important than releasing us to go home to work in my biased opinion.

Three of our coders are now going to move from our centralized location out to the hospitals to do their coding work out there. I'm not one of the three, thank goodness.

Our manager said the boss is supposed to come in this week and make an announcement. We *think* the announcement will be that we are all clearing out of the centralized office by the end of this month. The 3 unlucky coders will go to their new assignments in the hospitals and the rest will pack up and go home. I wish she would just say we can go immediately. I see no reason to wait till the end of the month. They always have to impose some pointless waiting period before they do anything.

So the transition to working from home is the foremost thing on my mind at the beginning of 2012. I have several other pressing issues, but that one is sort of fundamental and will color most of the other things I've got going on.

My lease is coming up yet again at my apartment and as usual, I don't know what I'm going to do. We were promised we would be home by mid December and that would give me a couple of months to work from home and see how it's going to go. I feel unsure of it, like I can't trust them not to snatch it all away. I need to get in a routine of working from home to make sure it will really be ok to move away from here. I might move back into my house in Louisiana to save money and be with my family. That is really not what I want to do because I love me some Texas. I want to stay here.

It may be worth it to leave here though, because my very fondest wish is to have a summer home in Colorado. I'd like to live in Colorado from mid-may to mid November every year. If I lived in my (paid off) house in Louisiana, I could afford to pay a mortgage on a summer home. I would also be very happy to be going to Colorado for 6 months a year, so it would be less tragic to give up my Texas home. So this is something I am seriously considering.

Real estate is expensive in the resort town I'm looking in. I am starting to look in non-resort towns. But really, I do want the whole spectacular enchilada. The full monty, as it were. I want to see beautiful mountains all around me. I went last summer for vacation in Estes Park, and it is postcard beautiful everywhere you look. If you stand in one spot and just turn all the way around in a circle, you see mountains all the way around. The town is so charming. I'm going to look all over the mountainous parts of Colorado and see what turns up.

Lonnnng term readers (both of you) may remember that I once had a blood sugar dropping incident that made me pass out cold on the floor in my house. I hurt myself on the way down, too. I was also naked from the shower, adding insult to injury. I was really glad my sister and her kids weren't home to witness that. Anyhoo... turns out, I'm a raging diabetic. Just like almost everybody in my family. You'd think I would have guessed after the fainting incident. ::sigh:: I figured I was destined for diabetes because I come from a family full of diabetics and some of them are insulin dependent. I was formally diagnosed about a year ago, but I guess I was in denial and I thought I could avoid sugar and starch and be fine. I didn't take my meds or test my blood sugar. I was going to kick it with diet and exercise. I failed miserably in that attempt.

So a few weeks ago I went to the doctor just to get my synthroid prescription renewed and my blood pressure was up. So they took my blood sugar and it was 160, which is about twice what it should be. So then they made me pee in a cup to make sure my kidneys were ok and gave me a blood testing kit, showed me how to use it, prescribed me a bunch of meds, and told me I bettah recognize. I started testing my blood sugar in the morning and 2 hours after lunch and dinner each day. To my utter shock and horror, I found out my blood sugar stays around 168 all the time! 205 was the high point. I started trying really hard to do the diet correctly. It's much more complicated than "avoid sugar and starch". I started taking my medicine and I've been doing this since Dec. 14. My blood sugar has slowly come down. Still not normal, but much better. The lowest fasting blood sugar was 129. It is supposed to be 80-105. It was being 168, 166, then started being 151, 148, on down until now it's being around 131, 129. I am using the meter to learn what happens to my sugar after I eat certain things. Unfortunately it looks like bread is my biggest culprit. Bread happens to be my catnip. Naturally. I've learned that sourdough bread is a lower glycemic bread, and that's great because it's one of my favorites. Pumpernickel and Rye are also good for diabetics and I love those kinds of bread too, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. Some of the low glycemic foods are surprising, because they are sweet and you'd think they would be a no-no. I thought I was doing it right, and I was just ruining myself. Now I am on the right path. So that is another big focus for me this year. My health has to be top priority.

And that's how things are shaping up for me in this new year. I am now going to get ready and take myself to a movie.

Later Gators!

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