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2012-01-18 - 10:52 p.m.


I'm in my home office even as I type this. I've got my work computer all set up along with the 2 huge monitors that go with it, and right next to that is my personal desk top computer and a third giant monitor.

The work pc is strictly for work and "they" know every move you make on it, so my personal computer will be handy for music listening and stuff while I'm working. I have this nice little computer room in my apartment that has a big desk and bookshelves above it and it is a perfect little nook for my 3 giant monitors. What a tangle of cords I've got going on. You don't even want to know.

I think on the weekend I might get under the desk and velcro some of these cables together so it doesn't look quite as jungle-like back there. I brought home a bunch of little velcro strips just for that purpose.

Finally!! What a stressful few weeks I've had anticipating this. Oh, how they strung me along... oh how they toyed with my emotions. It wasn't even decent, says I.

The big boss was supposed to come down right after the holidays to give us the big announcement. Then she didn't show up that week at all. When you are holding your breath for a big announcement that's several months overdue already, another week is a big hairy deal. So she rescheduled for the following week. The 3 of us who were next to transition home were on pins and needles Monday morning, wagging our tails and panting with pent up excitement. And then... No boss. Tuesday... blood pressures rising by the hour... still no boss. Wednesday we heard she was really coming. So we were right there waiting for her at the beginning of the day. When did she show up? Mid-afternoon was when she strolled in. We all watched her like a hawk, waiting for a signal that it was meeting time. So what do you think happened? The heifer snuck away without giving us any announcement. On Thursday when it was almost time for her to catch her plane home, I cornered her and told her we were all dying to know something. She looked compassionate, promised an answer, and snuck off again without a peep. So on Friday, unable to restrain myself any longer, I wrote her an email and laid it out for her. I told her we had been promised since last spring that any minute now we could go home to work and here I am, having served out an entire lease on my apartment since then, and it's time to sign up again or give notice to move and I still don't know when I can expect to go home to work. I told her I might move to my house in Louisiana and I need to know something so I can either rent out my house and resign my lease, or plan to move. She answered immediately and said "Plan to start working from home next week.". After I got up off the floor, I celebrated with my co-workers for about 5 minutes before we realized she might be yanking our collective chain some more. I endured the weekend and hoped she would surprise us by keeping her word next week.

So this week finally came and we heard nothing whatsoever on Monday, not a peep on Tuesday, and today I was just pissed. We were at Wednesday... and still not a word about it. The week was half over and she still hadn't given us any idea when we could go. So I wrote another email and told her we are all about to go code blue from anxiety over this and now we just have to know something. If it's not going to be today, fine... just give us a definitive time that we could count on. Fer the love-o-pete.

Next thing I know, our local manager ran over to our area and told us to start packing. I think I squeaky wheeled us right out the door. I began whining immediately as soon as I was at work this morning. That is apparently the way to go. I should write a book about how to get your way at work. Whine proudly and hope you are just annoying enough to get what you want without being annoying enough to get fired.

It was a lot of work getting everything unhooked, loaded up, dragged in the house, and set up. Took me most of the evening. But I am all set, my software all works, my connections are good. Things are swell.

I am going to get up with great pleasure tomorrow and make my new commute from the bed to the desk. Love it. I can sleep in till 9 and still be right on time. Thank God for this. I am so happy.

I figured out that this is like a raise of $350.00 in cold hard cash that I currently spend on gasoline and lunches, plus I will save wear and tear on my car, tires, mileage will be lower, so value of my car will stay higher longer. I put 50 bucks a week in my gas tank and 25 a week goes for lunches, so that is 75 a week, then the company is paying my internet connection bill which is another 50 bucks. My vacation days will be for actual vacation now. No more calling out for a headache, a bad period, an ice day, car trouble, etc. It's not too often that I'm too sick to sit at my computer. My life just got much better on this fine day.

I might have to break down and start going to church to avoid being a total shut in. I think I am well suited for this work though. I will make a point of meeting up with my work friends and doing some social things to prevent being alone all the time.

Dexter is going to be so happy not to be alone all day anymore. He was very interested in all the new equipment I brought in today. He insisted on being in my lap for a while when I first got it all set up. He's a little bit needy.

I'm tired and it's time for me to go relax. See you later, Gators.


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