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2012-01-21 - 11:05 p.m.

I had the 2 best work days EVER last Thursday and Friday. I began working from home and I must say it was even better than I had imagined. I absolutely love it. If they would pay me unlimited overtime, I'd work all the time. I enjoy the work I do and all the stress was in getting there and being there. The only way the job itself could be better, besides a 3 million a year salary, is if they allowed me to put in my 8 hours at any time I want to. I would love to work some on Saturdays and sometimes at night. They struggle under the delusion that grown ass people need a manager and a tech support crew at work during all moments we are working. This is just not the case. If I signed on at 11 pm and the server was down, I'd just shut down and do something else instead of work.

I feel rested when I get up in the morning, because I sleep in until 8:45 or so and then go get started on my work day. The first day I was too excited to sleep in. The day was so darn pleasant because I was listening to my music and I can sing and whistle as much as I want without anyone telling me to pipe down. Gotta love that.

I am very comfortable in my own environment and working in my night shirt is the bomb diggity. The bathroom is only a room away and there are no disgusting strangers befouling it as if stinking is their hobby. I'm so glad to be away from that nasty 3rd floor bathroom. I'm not lamenting that my weekend will soon be over because working at home is almost like being off! I will never retire if I can keep doing this. I find that I really am able to get more accomplished and I think I will do a better and more thorough job now that I have no distractions. At this point, I don't even need a car, really. I live in a nice apartment complex that is right next door to a shopping center with a grocery store, a spa, clothing stores and restaurants. Everything I need is in easy walking distance. But I'll keep my car. haha. I need to be able to go see my family and get around this big ole city. I have almost no need to buy gasoline now. I wonder how long it will take me to have to fill up again. I bet it will be weeks.

As my workdays went on, I didn't have any of the usual fatigue or feelings of wishing for the weekend to hurry up and get here. It was just pleasant. I feel very blessed. Very fortunate.

The feeling of satisfaction from reaching a goal that was so important to me was downright euphoric. I just kept feeling wave after wave of happiness in knowing that I made it through and I'm where I wanted to be. Success feels great. I hope they don't go all wishy washy on me and try to recall us or something. I don't think they will, really... but it's one of those things like a boogyman under the bed. Something to be feared and dreaded. I plan to take some courses in the other types of coding that I am less familiar with so I can become confidant that I'm proficient in every kind of coding. That way, if anything ever happens to this little slice of heaven I am living in, I can just jump ship and work from home for some other company. I plan to take on some part time work for some other coding agency just for the experience and mad money.

Life is good.

I reported my CEUs yesterday and renewed my credentials. Paid a huge fee. If I had done it last month, the old company would have paid for it. The new company doesn't pay for credential renewal. I don't know why. They do pay for CEUs. I am a putoffski and it cost me some bucks this time.

I went out and about today to prevent being a shut in. I went out to the mall and walked around a bit, ate mexican food, had 2 really strong margaritas and got tipsy, then hung out at Barnes & Noble for a while so I could drive straight. Tomorrow I'm going to Sam's Club to get me some goodies. They sell these boxes of individual grapefruit cups and I cannot get enough of them. I just neeeeed grapefruit for some reason. I crave it.

I'm feeling a little sleepy here. I guess I should go take a snooze. Maybe I'll go to church tomorrow. I've been thinking of trying one close to where I live. I'm a little shy about it, because it's a huge church and I've never been in it. So we will see if I've got nerve enough to go. I have anxiety about large groups of people that I don't know. I need to fight that and I need to be around some human beings so... maybe.

Looking forward to Monday for pete's sake...

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